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Original author Hannes821, modified by GethN7 as a shield depicting the Kiwi Farms logo, trademarked to the Kiwi Farms website, used with permission of Null, the site founder. Can be found in Riverwood's inn in the same place as the original mod,

Permissions and credits
As many may or may not be aware, I'm a member of the Kiwi Farms, that infamous forum for mocking internet weirdos, and yours truly has even gotten razzed there a little, but that's fair enough, I'd be disappointed if they played favorites.

Regardless, I love that place, and I wanted to give a little something back in appreciation for the fun I've had there, hence this present for all the DovahKiwis who want a little of the forums in their game.

It's a free shield they can pick up in the Riverwood Sleeping Giant Inn, emblazoned with the Kiwi Farms logo. It's a basic iron shield, so it's not OP by any means, and while I tried to make sure the textures would look good (they were upscaled to 1K and given some cleanup, should hopefully look decent given my thimbleful of talent), I make no guarantees this is a great mod, but I can confirm it works.

Also, to avoid having it clog up valuable mod space, I converted the esp to an ESL file, this should help with people not wanting to exceed the ESP limits.

This mod uses the following mod as a base:


Hannes821 was gracious enough to allow his mod to be used as a modding base so long as he's credited, and if you like the design of his mod, you should probably try his work, but uninstall my mod first,they use the same directory structure.

I also want to credit Null, site founder of the Kiwi Farms. As his site logo is a trademarked logo, he gave me the green light to use it for this mod.

The Kiwi Farms, for those interested, may be found here:


(nothing NSFW on the landing page, though I cannot guarantee the site itself is free of NSFW content, so browse with caution)