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Returns Oblivion-ish-style discovery of effects by attaching them to the base Alchemist perks. Tweaks a few other perks.

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Reorders some of the perks and removes the Experimenter ones. Instead, the first Alchemist perks lets you identify 2 effects, the third one lets you identify 3, and at Mastery you identify all 4.
There's only like 5 potions you'll ever make in the entire game anyway - maybe 10 if you're hardcore - and you'll know how to craft those by heart by now.

Also changes Physician from +25% to double strength. This matches the double strength of the "opposite" perk on the Poison side of the tree. (Not that it matters, since you'll have 100+ Infinite Health potions by the time you can get the perk anyway).

Most perks are available slightly earlier too.

The SE CK is broken af and you can't actually edit perk trees in it, so this is just my Oldrim mod ported.

This mod is only barely tested right now since I don't have a high-level SE char! It should be fine, but use at your own risk!
If you find a bug please let me know. Thanks.


Q: Is this compatible with mod X?
A: If that mod changes the perks then almost certainly not.If it just nerfs (or cranks) potion power in general then probably.

Q: I don't like how perk X requires perk Y. Change plz.
A: No. I can't. The SE CK is broken af. The only way to edit perk trees is to do it in the Oldrim CK, then load it into the SE CK, and it's just painful.