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Transmute ore sanely: Iron->Silver first, and however much you're carrying.

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There are plenty of Transmute mods on the Nexus already, but none of them do what I actually want Transmute to do, which is just Not Be Stupid and Not Waste My Time.

FAQ (in my best attempt at Elianora's style :P)

Q: Too much skill gain!
A: No. Skill gain is the same as if you did it one piece at a time.

Q: Make cost like triple Magicka
A: No. You can transmute an infinite amount of ore at level 1 anyway, as long as your time is worthless.

Q: Maek do ingots too
A: No. It's called "Transmute Mineral Ore".

Q: OMG $$ imba!!1!
A: Okay, now you're just trolling.