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Menstruation and pregnancy simulation mod with many features such as a new Follower-System with as many Follower as you want, new items and many other things.
Create your own little Family in Skyrim

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BeeingFemale 2.8 Fix1

Create your little family in Skyrim!

In first line, BeeingFemale is a procreation mod (menstruation cycle and pregnancy Simulation) that allows female Players and NPCs to have a menstraul cycle and becomming pregnant. But there is way more then that. It's a realy huge, realistic and dynamic mod with many features that will give skyrim a complete new feeling.
It was made to bring a bunch more RPG to skyrim and answering the question, where all the children are comming from.

For sure there is even more then just pregnancy.
Depending on your settings you may have a realy cute Baby carring around a new child-follower with a complete own and new Follower System with many features, or you have sealed your Baby into a soul-gem.

Create your own little family together with your spouse and have some fun and great adventures with your children.
If you don't feel ready for a family or don't want to risk pregnancy when you go to bed, you can use the contraception fluid. There is a note in your inventory about contraception or there are some hinds in the FAQ

For sure, all NPCs that have a name are suported, too!

- Own and realistic menstraution cycle
- a bunch of buffs and debuffs
- contraception
- growing belly
- 3 new widgets that Displays informations
- pregnant with multiple Babys (up to 6 Babys at the first time)

Child Actor:
- an own Follower System
- "Go to spouse" dialogue Option
- Own skill tree
- Own perk tree
- Can learn spells (just give it a spell-book)
- helps in combat situations

Child Item:
- Wearable
- dynamic enchantments are casted on birth
- NPCs will automaticly wear the Baby

Craftable Items:
- Sanitary napkin - smithing
- Contraception fluide (low and medium by default) - cooking pot
- wash out sperm essence - cooking pot

- Different types of belly scaling
- Many Options in the MCM menu to customize everything how you want
- couple maker
- An own AddOn System, so mods for BeeingFemale can be created without changing the main mod
- Many new widgets and menus
- some functions are developed in native C-Code to speed up BeeingFemale
- birth animations (you must enable them first)
- Compatible with many other mods
- 3 Books that explains everything!
- Hotkey (Default 8) with 3 functions, depending how Long you press the key
- Race and sex Switch is possible anytime

There are manythings for developer what they can do. Basicly there are 3 different Kinds of AddOns
- Race AddOn: Give a specific race some modifications.. for example a new Kind of Baby, or a multiply for the duration of a Phase.
- CME AddOn: This will add a new Buff / Debuff to a Phase. Lets say, you want the woman to have headage during the menstraution Phase, ...
- Misc AddOn: MiscAddOns are Papyrus - scripted addons. There are many new Events that are raised. For example you can create camera effects, playing Sound effects, ....

For sure there are even more Things, developer and modder can do. There are a few variables that can be used to create dialogues, maps, NPC comments, ...
For example there Phase, the Player is in, is stored in a global variable. Now mappers can create Areas where the Player only can enter, when she is pregnant.

A full documentation will follow!

A basic Installation guide
1 - Download and install the latest Version of SKSE SE
2 - Download and install the latest Version of SkiUI
3 - Download and install XPMSSE32
4 - Download and install the latest Version of FNIS
5 - Download and install a Body with belly node support (CBBE with HDT options or UNP with TBBP option)
6 - Download and install an armor pack with belly node Support
7 - Download and install the latest Version of BeeingFemale
8 - Run Fore New Idles Skyrim and create the animations (located in ./Skyrim/Data/Tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/GenerateFNISforUsers.exe)

If the BeeingFemale Menu will be shown in the list, but when you click on it and it will only display "black", deactivate the "BeeingFemaleBasicAddOn.eps" and try it again.
If this doesn't help, open the console and type in "bf:code" (without the quotes) and send the code to me that will be displayed.

Q: How does it work?
A: There are 3 Books in your inventory. It is way to complex to explain everything in a FAQ. But it works like it does in reality - an egg is traveling thought the female body, a sperm can concive it and the woman will be pregnant.

Q: Are NPCs suported?
A: Yes. NPCs are fully suported aslong they have a name (unique). Non-Unique NPCs like Guards, bandits, ... are generaly not suported for the preganancy

Q: What are those AddOns?
A: AddOns are specific mods that include content to BeeingFemale. They can specificate races (changing the duration of a phase, the pain level, the kid of child that will born, and even more, adding more PMS Effects, menstrual effects, ....)

Q: Where I can find AddOns?
A: Well, there are already a few great AddOns around. the easiest way would be Google

Q: Will the childs grow to an adult?
A: No. This got many reasons. The most imporant is that children won't grow to an adult in just 10 days. Another thing is that this would be realy dificult to make, because of the AddOn System, and stuff.

Q: I'm suffering on an infection - will my character die now?
A: Cure it - just buy a cure potion! otherwise you will die.

Q: Why the min duration of a phase is 2 Days?
A: This was the easiest way to fix problems with the calculation and the AddOns.

Q: Why are children / elder forbidden / blocked?
A: Elder won't have a menstrual cycle anymore... same to children.

Q: Are there crafts i can create?
A: Yes. There are many crafts you can create. Contraception Fluid so you can't become pregnant, Anti Sperm Fluid (aka: Wash out sperm fluid) to wash out the sperm that is already inside you, sanitary napkins to fetch the menstrual blood.

Q: The Conecption Widget says i've got 6% chance to conceive and i'm ovulating - what does this actualy meen?
A: Such low conception chances are like 0% + tollerance. I don't think your character will become pregnant. Seems the egg won't nist in the utherus or there was no egg when ovulating or something else happend. Wait for the next cycle maybe next time it will work.

Q: I've got a negative 'State Time' and it's falling even more - what can i do?
A: This is a bug i couldn't figure out right now. It happens when the BeeingFemale Timer is resumend after a pause (disabled via MCM Menu or Estrus Chaurus Pregnancy). The only way to fix it is a reset the Player Stats using the MCM Menu. I'm still working on this bug.

Q: Is it possible to keep the widgets visible?
A: Yes, keep the hotkey pressed for 1.2 sec or longer. Press the key again to hide them again

Q: Is the Sourcecode included?
A: Yes! Except the widgets and the native code, everything is included

Q: May I create an AddOn?
A: Sure! please create as many AddOns as you want and please, share them and don't be shy.

Q: Can i prevent pregnancy?
A: Yes, you can use the cooking pot to create some contraception fluids. Use those fluids from time to time. They won't prevent impregnation immidialy, they will only add around 20% - 40% per use. You should drink the next fluid after a few days, before the effect will drop again. This will add another 20% - 40% contraception. But don't drink them all at once! You have to wait some days until you should drink the next. There is a maximum of around 98%. When you drank enough you will reach this limit.

Change Log
2.8 Fix 1
- De-/Buffs will now be dispelled correctly
- The Basic AddOn file is now translated correctly
- The MCM Menu -> Refresh AddOn List is working again
- Extracted the BasicAddOns to the new AddOnManager System
- The Emitters for pregnancy water breaking and vaginal blood dropping won't make blue squads anymore
- Updated the SSL AddOn ini and the BathingInSkyrim ini so they will work correctly
- Updated the Developer Pack (including the BeeingFemale.esp now as well as the latest scripts)
2.8 (including the unofficial path)
- Fixed mcm initialisation for new games and clean saves
- Fixed sexlab detection
- Fixed an number of property errors in BeeingFemaleBasicAddon.esp
- Tampons will now only be automatically added to the inventory of NPCs
- Fixed virility and sperm survival profile save bug identified
- Fix for widgets displaying when pressing the information key whilst the console is open
- Fixed a bug in the script FWAbilityBeeingFemale, that was checking breast value while inflating the belly
- Updated beeingmale, beeingfemale, beeingbase, PMSSexHurt, PMSHurtingHeadage & BFA_AbilityHungry scripts attached to deleted forms to finish gracefully
- Mother's Anger effect will now increase damage by 15-20% rather than 1500-2000%
- Added (and updated patch) code to allow beeingmale and beeingfemale, PMSSexHurt & PMSHurtingHeadage scripts attached to deleted forms to finish gracefully
- Updated BFA_AbilityHungry code to reduce script load
- Go AWAY effect will now increase damage by 10% rather than 110%
- A complete new AddOn Manager System - This is way faster then the onld system
- The current profile will be displayed in the MCM System Menu if it already exists
- A Hud Profile was added, where you can set a HUD Profile (containing position, size, color of each widget)
- Added new Misc-AddOn callbacks: OnMagicEffectApply, OnImpregnate
- Added new SKSE Events for other Mods: "CanBecomePregnant", "CanBecomePMS"
- Baby-Items should now have a name
- Added new console commands "bf:unimpregnate", "bf:cme", "bf:race", "bf:addon", "bf:test", "bf:setbabys"
- Console Command "bf:impregnate" may have a numeric argument, defining the number of babys the character will be pregnant with
- The Developer Files are now in a seperate Archive, and now include almost everything, including the HUD and the C++ Files
- Fixed the MCM Menu - It was possible to raise an infinity bug that spams the skyrim log file to 40gb and more
- Fixed the "NPCs' moods change" / "NPCs get wayward" Option bug in the MCM Menu
- Translated the Children Tab to english, in the english MCM File
- When loading a game, the "Default"-Profile shouldn't be loaded anymore
- Sanitary Napkins are removed now. There is no need for them anymore. They where not compatible for pregnancy belly, won't work on all bodys (only UNP all i remember) and for some more reasons
- Edited the BeeingFemale Widget Elements
- Added a few new Child Perks
- Menu Title Screen will display the original Image when an adult mod is installed (including Flower Girls and Animated Prostitution)
- MCM Menu -> System containing more "Compatibility" Mods. Therefore I made a native code inspecting the Script files. With this function, BeeingFemale will 'decompile' script files and check if they contain a specific script function
- Added compatibility to 'Bathing in Skyrim' to wash out sperm when bathing

- Many Bugs I can't remember anymore fixed
- Added Baby Sounds, the baby-item will cry, talk, ... now when you carry the baby
- Added many many new De-Buffs to diferent menstruation cycle phases. I think it was 54 new De-buffs
- Added the Hungry-Debugg to PMS and 1. Trimester. Now the woman will eat food she is carrying when delivering under "hungry". If there is no food, the stomach will make noices that nearly enemys may alert.
- non-unique female NPCs may drop items now like Tampons or contraception fluid. Same to all female Guards.
- Added an alternate Menu Title Image for non SexLab Users
- Fixed a bug where De-Buffs won't effect the Player/NPC anymore, when loading a game
- Added an option-INI-File for HUD Widgets where you can set the position, enable/disable, or change the alpha of any widget. (Prepared for a HUD Profile)
- Fixed a problem, where the default profile was loaded in BF2.6, whenever you load a game so all settings were reset again.
- Uploaded the Guids and enabled the Donations on Nexus
- Adding String Files for Multilingual support.
- Fixed some problems in the AddOn Manager
- Adding console commands
- Added new FWController Functions: SetBabyHealth and SetContraception
- DebugInfos were added to the AddOn Manager for the bf:code console command
- Fixed the multilignual Support for the Baby Item Name
- Removed the FNIS Animation requirement check
- Made even more messages multilingual
- Things I've forgot

- Couple Widget can now be activated in the MCM Menu
- Baby Item Inventory-Mesh was replaced (removed)
- The Child Perk Menu was remade
- The Child Perk System was remade
- The Debug View for the Child Skill Window can now be enabled when setting message mode to "All" (Warning, this may lag alot!)
- Tampon included in the main file
- Estrus Chaurus Fix included in the main file
- CANS Support for now disabled - But it will come back somedays
- Baby Name Files fixed
- Menstruation Blood was remade (all 3 versions)
- Menstruation bleeding can now be deactivated in the MCM Menu
- The Child Followers (Actor) are now less powerful
- The Summon Enchantments the baby items can born with, are removed
- MCM Debug Option to test all Child-Perk Files
- Save / Load Profile option added (6 Profiles are already included, you can create your own, too)
- You get a notification when the child levels up (and the child will glow, too)
- Many other bugs were fixed

2.5 (first release on nexus)
- Baby-Item has changed to Baby-Armor!
- New Enchantment System for the Baby Item. Baby Item will be enchanted
- Couple System. Couples (Husband, Affair and Friends) may have sex.
- When the Player sleeps next to someone there is a Chance that something happens between them during sleeping (no animations, just the normal fade in black)
- Enable / Disable Birth animations (Default is Disabled! - You must enable it, to see the Birth Animation again!)
- New MCM Menu Tab for impregnation
- NPCs may have another Child-Type then the Player ( You can set, that the Player will Born a ChildActor, and the NPCs a Child-Item)
- many Bugs were fixed

Special Thanks
Trixy - for Procreation
Muon Shan - for your active help
Huili - for your rus. translation
Aravis7 - for your france translation and your help with the baby mesh
xiaomiza - for your chinese translation
jbezorg - for help with the baby mesh
Slorm - for sharing his bug fixed FWSystem
Leito - For the birth animation
Corum - For the PMS "Depressive" fix
Lactina - For the Baby-Armor-Mesh
Vader666 - For converting the Baby-Armor-Mesh
Vioxsis - For converting the Baby-Armor-Mesh
Bane Master - For his BeeingFemale Patch
Chosen Clue - For his BeeingFemale Patch
qotsafan - For his BeeingFemale Patch
A big Thanks goes to the complete LoversLab Community!