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SKSE64 plugin to fix the double perk apply bug present in Skyrim Special Edition.

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SKSE64 plugin to fix the double perk apply bug documented by ogerboss here.

The method used to patch the bug is based entirely off meh321's implementation in his Skyrim: LE bug fixes mod, and pretty much all the credit should go to him for coming up with it.

Consider this a beta for a multitude of reasons, the primary one being I don't really know entirely what I'm doing :^)

I've done testing to verify that the fix works on a Vanilla SSE install. I have not tested this with every different mod combination under the sun. While it should work and shouldn't cause instability or CTDs, I can't guarantee that.

If you're going to report a CTD please make sure you can replicate it. I can't debug "i was walking through whiterun and my game crashed and its your mod's fault". 

This plugin is for Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.39/SKSE64 2.0.7 beta.

Source code available at GitHub