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This mod simply makes all the interiors in skyrim darker.

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This mod simply makes all the interiors in Skyrim darker. That means the inside of buildings, caves, ruins, sewers and dungeons.

Sewers are the darkest, they are very close to pitch black but not quite. Caves, ruins and other dungeons are a bit brighter but still very dark. Buildings are significantly brighter, however still much darker than vanilla.

I know that there are other mods that do this as well, however this is my version of it.

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesnt do the same thing. That should include mods that change the lighting (light sources) of interiors.

There is also a optional file called "Simply Better Lighting". That is a preveiw/teaser of my plans to redo all the lighting (Light sources) in skyrim. 
It changes the lighting in all "public" buildings in whiterun meaning all building that are not private homes.

Screenshots of some of these rooms are the ones marked with "SDI+SBL" 

I would love feedback on the lighting in those rooms.