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Combines an overlay app and a mod to provide immersive quickslots that float near the players waist for switching between weapons and spells without opening menus.

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Immersive VR Quickslots

Am so touched and humbled at people asking to donate for this project. You can find a donate link on my profile page

[left]Version UPDATE (Bug Fixes and Improved console speed)

Hopefully the last revision to the 0.1.4.x series, the last major bug should be squashed, this caused random events to be registered by the application causing random behaviour such as the belt slot offset setting to min or max mid game and putting the quick slots out of reach.

Also added a new much faster and hopefully 100% accurate console paste input system, thanks to PortaBob on Reddit for the idea :) If you experience issues this can be toggled off with the check box. [/left][left]With this system the console input is about as fast as it's going to get, SKSE input will be better but while we wait this is a pretty good solution, to make it even less intrusive you can try the following submitted by ezbz383

Please use this freely with or without credit. I didn't post it on Nexus because I didnt have your permission, and its not a big deal so would rather just give to you to integrate into your mod if you see fit. If you want, I will post it on Nexus. Whatever you want. Im using it and its great :)
If that file site I used doesn't work, let me know.
Here is what it is/does:
console.swf - I replaced the console black opaque background with a clear background. Simply put, when the console comes up all you see is text.
Ini tweaks - By adding two lines under [Menu] in the SkyrimVR.ini you can make the console nearly invisible so that when you switch weapons with your mod there is only a moment lag and the mouse icon flashes for a second.
So people have a few options. They can keep text size, but remove the black background from the console. They can downsize the console but keep the background. Or any combination thereof. Lots of ways to make the console basically invisible.[/left]
IMPORTANT - Please see "0.1.4a New Feature" below for details of the new experimental menu btn mode (which I think is going to become the default input if people like it) and replaceable textures feature.

(NOTE) This program currently only supports English (QWERTY) keyboard layout. This will be fixed in a future release. 

(NOTE) Here's how people have gotten this to work on Oculus Rift

"Open the ImmersiveVRQuickslotTool.exe, it opens as its own game, open steamvr menu and go home, this doesn't close the tool, then I open Skyrim from there and it works just fine." Performance is worse on Rift which I'm looking into fixes for. Thanks to Rotund_Tuber on reddit and all the other reddit folk who have been providing reports and feedback. :)


This is a mod/app which creates floating quickslot icons which you can interact with via your motion controllers to switch between weapons and spells, similar to how equipment is stored in VR games like Vanishing Realms. 

(WARNING) It's still early days, this is essentially a proof of concept and it will be evolving rapidly towards a more feature rich state. Currently I'm making use of keyboard emulation to issue console commands. In the near future this will change to using SKSEVR which will significantly improve functionality. However I present this early version here for those who want to jump in now and provide feedback on features going forward.

To Install (Manuel)

Extract the IVRQS zip file to your Skyrim VR base Application folder. it may be in a path similar to this:

This will copy the ImmersiveVRQuickslotTool.exe to your Skyrim base folder.

Update your Skyrim plugins.txt file..
Navigate to the file, it may be in a path similar to this:
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Skyrim VR\plugins.txt

Append the following line to the file:

Executing the Mod:
Manually execute the ImmersiveVRQuickSlotTool,exe application..

Launch Skyrim VR as Normal.

Final note, Uninstallation of this mod will require players to know the names and paths of all the files they copied to their Skyrim VR folder. This would be good information to add to the readme.

To Install (Vortex)

Installing with Vortex is a little awkward in the current version due to the way Vortex handles the contents of the zip file. The app and the esp get mushed together in the SkyrimVR\Data folder, you can install this way but you will need to run the app from the data folder not the SkyrimVR folder and double check that ImmersiveVRQuickSlots.esp in enabled in vortex under the plugins tab. The next version will include a better solution for mod manager installs.

To Launch

You must launch ImmersiveVRQuickSlotTool.exe before you load up skyrim. This is the overlay application which generates the quickslot icons and sends commands to Skyrim (currently via the console). Once IVRQS is running start SkyrimVR as normal and ensure the Skyrim window has focus (click anywhere on it).


In game you will see a number of quickslot icons floating near your waist. There are 2 types of quickslot weapon and magic, both work the same but can only store that type of item.

There is also a hidden quickslot located behind each shoulder. Left shoulder for shields, right shoulder for weapons (I use it for my bow).

To assign a spell or weapon to a quickslot equip it and move the controller over the icon, you'll feel a small haptic pulse and the icon will change. Press the grip button to assign it (on the right controller this is also used for shouts, you have been warned).

To equip a spell or weapon from a slot move the controller over the icon and press and release the trigger. Spells can be equipped to which ever hand you use, weapons currently can only be equipped to the right hand. (Note currently you should use your right hand holding the arrow to assign and retrieve the bow). You can also use a quickslot to unequip your current item if its assigned to that quickslot.

Quickslots should save their contents.

Version (Bug Fixes and Improved console speed)

Hopefully the last revision to the 0.1.4.x series, the last major bug should be squashed, this caused random events to be registered by the application causing random behaviour such as the belt slot offset setting to min or max mid game and putting the quick slots out of reach.

Also added a new much faster and hopefully 100% accurate console paste input system. If you experience issues this can be toggled off with the check box.

Version 0.1.4a (NEW FEATURES)

Major new features in this update are

Replaceable icon textures - you can find them in the ImmersiveVRQuickSlotTextures folder. You can now replace these horrible programmer art icons with shiney lovely hand crafted ones of your own design. Each slot uses two textures for example SpellTex.png and SpellTexSelect.png the select version is displayed when a controller is hovering over the icon. Icon files are 256,256 png images. If you mess them up just unzip the original (bad) icons over the top to fix them. Would love to see what people come up with for this, best ones may get included in future updates :)

(NOTE) For now you will have to disable Menu Button Mode while using config mode to move quickslot around.

Menu Button Mode - This is my latest experiment in finding a better control mapping. In Menu Button Mode (enabled via the check box, which I think is on by default currently.. woops) IVRQS listens for a single button on the controllers, the menu button on vive or its equivalent on WMR/rift. Quick presses equip, long presses assign.

The catch is these buttons are bound by default to bring journal/wait and tween/ready weapon controls (all quick important). These bindings need to be removed in the controlmapvr.txt file which is packed in the main.bsa. I've included a modified version which should work for Vive's, Oculus and WMR users will have to edit this file, once I know what to change for those systems I'll include a single file that will work for everyone. You can find it in the CUSTOM KEYBINDS folder, the contents of which need to be copied to the SkyrimVR\Data\Interface\   The final path should be "SkyrimVR\Data\Interface\controls\pc\controlmapvr.txt"

Sorry if this is confusing, it really is worth it though. To access the journal and tween (inventory/map/magic, etc) use the new quickslot icons on the belt "bag" =tween and "book" = journal. To access the secondary functions wait and ready/unready weapon hold the menu button for 2 seconds while not hovering over a quickslot. 

The rest of the change notes are below.

-Massive performance improvements (fixed a bug causing IVRQS to not to limit it's frame rate causing it to run at up to 2000fps consuming considerable system resources, it should now limit to around 90)-Implemented new experimental mode - Menu Button Mode - re-purposing the menu btn (vive) to use for inputs. Requires control map changes see description for full details.-Exposed slot icon textures in ImmersiveVRQuickSlotTextures so users can replace the dodgy programmer art with their own creations. 
-Added new quickslot icons for journal (book) and tween (bag).-Added quickslot configuration options. Haptic strength slider, haptic pulse flag, haptic vibration flag, hide distance override, use global hide, opacity override, use global opacity. -Added global opacity slider to control icon transparency-Added auto hide icons based on distance to controllers.-Fixed bug in configuration saves. -Improved stability and accuracy of key inputs to console. 

Version 0.1.3a
(By special request a quick update to allow individual repositioning of quickslots, this is a quick pass at a feature that will see more improvements in the future)

- Added "Config Mode", in config mode the tool screen you can use the triggers to grab and reposition quick slots directly.
- Added "Mirror" toggle for config mode, when on moving quickslots in config mode will also move the mirrored quickslot for nice symmetrical setups (OCD feature)
- Added "Lock Y" toggle for config mode, when on moving quickslots in config mode will only move them in the x and z axis.
- Fixed a bug preventing the both the Z and Y axis sliders for the belt object being applied together.

UPDATE 0.1.2a

- Added offset Y axis slider for belt slots.
- Added offset Z axis slider for belt slots.
- Added Save/Load for profile settings.
- Added Safety Mode. In Safety mode inputs are only sent to Skyrim VR when armed by touching the right thumbpad.
- Improved keypresser input simulator.
- Fixed tool screen size (should be a nice small 800x600 now).

Future plans

Like I said this is very early days, first priority is getting SKSEVR working and adding lots of quickslot customisation options so users can set height, position, number of magic slots vs weapons slots, etc. If you've got any ideas or feedback I'd love to hear from you here, over on reddit, on my youtube channel or anywhere else you can track me down :)