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A Natural and Realistic Weather mod

New Meteo types added
Clear rain and clear snow (typical in spring in nordic countries)
gloomy cloudy weather
Xtreme storms and Fog
classic Rain with fog in forest
windy weather
unique sunrise and sunset colors
Over 90 weathers types combinations
Unique sounds fo

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A Natural and Realistic Weather modNew Meteo types added
Clear rain and clear snow (typical in spring in nordic countries)
gloomy cloudy weather
Xtreme storms and Fog
classic Rain with fog in forest
windy weather
unique sunrise and sunset colors
Over 90 weathers types combinations
Unique sounds for Wind,Storm and thunder

  Every seasons will be different every year, with a great variety of meteosThe aurora will appear mostly in winter and during some periods in Autumn and Spring

Seasons will change every 3 months by days in game,
It means that the Season will control the distribuition of every weathers during its period
(so Autumn and Spring will have more rainy days than summer and snow will be more presence in Winter)
the Meteo now is not depending anymore by regions but by Seasons.

Enbs that support this weather mod Sin Xtreme Realism Enb v331

 I will explain in details and shortly how SEASONS script worksSkyrim is now a unique region so there will not be anymore different areas (riften, winterhold, Tundra,ect ect),
their weather types will be still use but in a different way that normal game
As you should know there's a calendar in Skyrim, when you pause, you can see hour and day in game
The seasons feature read that calendar, example from 1st midyear to 31last seed is SUMMER
Summer has a chance of 40% sunny weather 20% Cloudy 20% stormrains 10% fog 10% overcastrain
This means also that if you start a day with sunny weather from Riften and you walk to Winterhold
you will still get the same sunny weather and you will not go throw many weather change during a day(unnormal if you think about it to pass from sun, fog and rain in few second).
of course this will not happens everytime
cause there's a chance the weather will change during day ( but not as fast as vanilla)
but always depending from seasons weather %
Summer has also 3 months,
the 1st and the 3rd month has a chance of less sunny weather
but more cloudy weather and more overcastrain and fog than stormsthe mid month would be the full summer as explain before.
Of course all areas will have their weather types,
this means sunny weather in Winterhold area is different from the one in Markarth and so on.And this will change with new season coming
Every month you will receive a message that the month is changing (usually after sleep)
Usually can be possible that the mod will activate after 8 hour sleep

winter: Will be mostly snowy, cloudy and foggy
it would be possible to have small snow
also in tundra areas and more storms on north areas,
in these period Aurora borealis are more visible


Morning Star

Sun's Dawn

Spring:This is the season that leaves winter behind, some small snow will be possible,
more rain coming and fog and cloudy weathers, chance of rain with sun and some snow with clear weather, sun is
coming, this will happens more frequently, some chance to see aurora borealis




Summer: it's the warmer period, more clear weathers, but also chances of rainstorms
and some fog, some chance of windy days and rain with sun, in this season Aurora Borealis are not visible



Last Seed

Autumn: the end of summer and there would be more Rain coming, the return of fog and clouds
possibility to see some small snow in the north and small chance of aurora borealis





Use your manager to install directly the file
uninstall same way

Change this few lines in SkyrimPrefs.ini:

Set the brightness in the game option right in the middle

The mod and seasons will activate after you sleep for 8 hours

The mod support all lightning mods(elfx,rlo,ele) 
eccept for exteriors modules that could alter the visual of the mod (not been tested, but i will not recommend)
True storm and lightning during storm supported 
Just place SOLSTITIUM WaS  at the bottom or after those mods
(for a better compatibility would be better a patch)
Obsidian mountains and any cloud modsis supported
Solstitium is not compatible with otherweathers mods that obviously do the same thing

A big thank you Arindel for the help and support for the Seasons script

Megaloblast for the permission to use assets from Obsidian weathers and guide to create a weather mod

Fill free to use the assets of this mods as you like

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