About this mod

HD texture replacer for the landscape.

Permissions and credits

after my standalone release of Real Snow HD
i present here my complete Landscape Overhaul.
this package replaces all landscape textures with new high detailed and realistic 2k textures.
included are my two mods Glacier 4k and Real Snow HD.

further included:
+ riften leaves (important because the fallforestleaves are the same.)
+ dirtcliffs
+ Mountains
+ roads

after install run DynDOLOD or  SSELODGen to generate object and terrain LOD.

very important:
please install SMIM before because my mod replaces some SMIM textures. namely these for the bridges.

highly recommended:
Blended Roads by T4gtr34um3r (my road textures are designed for this mod.)
Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin by Preeum
Skyrim 3D Trees by mathy79
Realistic Water Two by isoku 

Compatibility with Majestic Mountains:
install MM after Landscape HD.
big thanks to DrWandel for providing a solution.

big thanks to T4GTR43UM3R for providing road templates.

thank you for downloading and enjoy your new beautiful landscape.