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Modifies the location and visibility of sneak eye elements

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Version 1.1 Patch Notes (Updated):

  •  BUG Update: There is a bug with the flames spell (and probably other spells too, but I haven't played a mage yet and I haven't had the time to test it thoroughly yet) where the spells wont display properly when cast. Instead of seeing a pillar of fire, you only see the effect leaving your hands and hitting your target- the whole pillar is obscured. At first I thought it had to do with where I was positioning the eye, so I moved the eye and it appeared to fix it. However later the bug returned. Restarting the game made it go away. I need to do more testing and realistically I need to set up a vanilla install so I'm not testing my mods on my modded install, but that will have to come in a bit. For now this mod works great for ranged and melee, but for casters you might have this bug. However both files have been tested and they both worked for me at one point, so I know they can work with magic, I just don't know why they are not working when they don't

  • Added optional file to remove the "hidden/detected" message
  • Fixed issue with both eyes being "below" the lower compass. Above should work properly now.
  • Fixed issue with magicka spells like flames from not displaying properly when cast.

Remove Sneak VR:

This works by editing the vr_hmd_info.swf file. I simply replaced all frames of the sneak eye indicator sprite with blank .gif images so that it wont show up in game.

Install with mod manager or manual install by extracting the folder into your main SkyrimVR folder.
Uninstall by deleting the .swf found in Data/Interface/vr/vr_hmd_info.swf

Lower Sneak VR:

This works by editing the skyvr_hmd_info.nif file. I moved the portion of the mesh that the sneak eye animation is projected onto down and tweaked its angle. Currently it shows up right below the compass or right above the compass depending on which file you choose.

Above Compass: Less head/eye strain to see the eye, however its going to be visible a lot when sneaking around in the lower portion of your vision.

Below Compass: You have to usually physically look down to see it, but it increases immersion so you dont have to always have it in view when playing but have the option to look down when you want.

Install with manager or manual install by extracting the folder into your main SkyrimVR folder.
Uninstall by deleting the .nif found in Data/meshes/skyvr_hmd_info.nif

No Sneak Message:

This removes the "Hidden/Detected" message so it wont display. Its an optional file not included in the main download. This is especially ideal with the "Above Compass" eye because now the eye is snug in between your three stat bars and right above the compass and the message wont ever obscure your health meter.

Future Updates:

Im currently working on a revamp of the entire HUD including moving/resizing it to give it a slightly different feel. However before I do that I need to figure out how to make a FOMOD installer so I can have all these options in a single place, and easily be able to implement compatibility for seated/standing and various INI settings.

Compatibility & Permissions:

This mod should be compatible with all other mods, except any which modifies these two files. I give permission to any and all modders to use my files as a resource with or without credit.

Additional Info for Modders:

In flatrim it seems that merely editing the .swf file allowed you to move the UI around, not so in VR! Whenever I moved anything in the SWF files the game would CTD basically every time. It may be my lack of modding experience, but I believe that the format for VR is different.

The .swf images appear to be projected onto the .nif mesh. Thus if you want to change location/size of UI components, you must modify the .nif mesh file and not the SWF. If you want to change the appearance of icons, you modify the .swf like in oldrim. However, you must use the files found in SkyrimVR.bsa to do so because the other HUD files such as found in the Interface and Patch BSA's are not used.