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A new town in the Winterhold area that started not so long ago round an Ebony mine

Permissions and credits
A couple of years ago, just before the start of the civil war, an ebony mine was discovered in the Winterhold hold. Since ebony is so scares, a few people saw it as an opportunity to make some money, and with the blessing of the Jarl of Winterhold, a new town was founded. The town even had an official opening ceremony and all seemed to go well. Until one day an avalanche destroyed the inn, the fletcher shop and his house. The innkeeper decided to move into the old fort that was located in town, and was renamed to the Old Fort Inn (now a unique inn in Skyrim) and until he has enough money to build a new shop and house, the fletcher also set up shop in the inn. He is still very upset and grumpy about the whole thing, so don't expect to much conversation from him.

In town there is also the Baggert family, who after the death of his wife and mother, decided to move here with his daughter for a new start.

The Muran family, who discovered the mine, is also the foreman and is still trying to make their fortune. He will buy any ore from you that you mine.

The Taiven family came from Winterhold where he was the towns blacksmith (now you know why Winterhold doesn't have a blacksmith anymore) and opened up a blacksmith serving the town and mine. His wife is a retired mage tutor from the Winterhold College and she opened up the first official magic shop here in town. Since she is so close to the College, she has all sorts of magical goodies to sell, very convenient for people looking for magic wares, but who doesn't wanna join the College just to get to their stock.

The Engmensen family was lucky that the avalanche just missed their house. He works in the mine, while his wife who was an apprentice alchemist in Riften, has started a little garden and sells alchemy stuff.

Inside the mine they found a friendly jackal staying there. They called him Sam, and named the mine after him: Jackal Mine

Now YOU too, can share in this lovely new town called Badersee in your Skyrim.
This is another town mod I made for Skyrim with the idea that it must feel like it was originally part of Skyrim. So no fancy stuff here. This by no means mean that it is not an interesting town. It does have some charm and unique features, especialy during a clear evening. Winterhold has very few towns, so this one goes well with my other town in the same hold: Overstead.

If you like the mod, then please ENDORSE so we can spread the happiness!


Just the latest Skyrim SE


Everything unless another mod places something at the same location


Just use your mod manager to install normally


If for some weird reason you want to uninstall this nice mod, just delete the 'Badersee.esp' file and the follwoing folders:


Known Issues

Let me know if you find any


Always save and backup your save files before trying out new mods!

I didn't add any scripts to this mod, so the file should be safe. I did make adjustments to the terrain and navmesh. I did not change the vanilla navmesh, just moved it out of the way and handmade my own new navmesh for the town.

Most of the NPC's are essential, so they won't die. That is just the way I like to do it.

Change Log

1.0 Initial release

Legal / Licence / Permission

If you want to change my mod, or add anything to it, ask me 1st. Remember: credit must be given where it it due.

If you want to add quests for your own mod to any of the NPC's from this mid, pls feel free to do so, but you'll have to give me credit for my work.

This mod may never be sold for any money.

This mod may not be uploaded anywhere else unless I agree to it.


Bethesda for this awesome game
DarkFox127 for some really great tutorial videos

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