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Automatic or toggleable hiding of helmet, gauntlets, shield and weapons for player and NPCs

Permissions and credits
Because I got tired of falling for the "Spend an hour creating a face - wear helmet the whole game" meme

Getting started
  • Install mod
  • Wait until SkyUI message pops up about menu being registered
  • If you don't want to use the auto hide function make sure to bind the toggle key. Note - you can have auto hide enabled and still toggle manually
  • Helm and gauntlets are automatically detected when mod starts up. If you weren't wearing any at this time they'll be detected whenever any are equipped instead.

How it works
Helm and gauntlets are unequipped - Armor rating and effects of attached enchantments will be removed
Weapons are rescaled to 0 - Won't show but still there so any custom stuff they offer will still be active

Supported nodes
WeaponBow (includes crossbows as well)

WARNING - Activating NPC support increases number of targets monitored and in turn the number of running scripts stored in your game/save, no way around it. If you don't know what this mean do not use this option

  • The purpose of Lazy Item Hider is to manage the bulky or concealing gear worn when adventuring. If you're not doing so and need to wear say enchanted gauntlets to boost your alchemy skill at home or something similar a toggle hotkey option is available to quickly enable or disable the mod/hider.
  • Tested with vanilla and XPMSSE. If you're using a skeleton that places weapons on different nodes or lack them entirely mod won't work.
  • The script is conditional triggered and should be very lightweight. No cloak effects, loops or other scripts are running in the background.
  • The node scaling is a game session only override and not permanent. The mod will however rehide your equipment on game load when applicable.
  • The nodes are assumed to have a default scale of 1 so if you've used another mod to change their size in game this will be overridden
  • Mod has been tested with vanilla headwear. If you're using modded variants you may have to change the "HeadSlot" to a different setting in order for them to be detected. Should that fail there's the HelmOverride option which will register the next equipped item as headwear.

Please note that both this mod and the requirements are in alpha/beta/testing/whatever state. While it works for me I strongly recommend thoroughly testing the features immediately after installation to make sure it does for you too and naturally keep backup saves.