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A game-changing, incredibly awesome collection of voice commands for equipping spells, shouts, and much more!
Great for Skyrim, but a miracle for Skyrim VR!

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NOTICE: This mod still works just fine, but has not been and will not likely be updated in a long time. Most users will be interested in using the spiritual successor to WotV, Dragonborn Unlimited, instead. Pick it up here:

Have you ever wanted to utilize the great combos available with different spells and shouts in Skyrim, but found that the interface to switch between them was just too cumbersome? 
Are you playing Skyrim VR and hate to use the grossly un-optimized favorites menu system? Boy do I have good news for you, this is just the thing you’re looking for!

Using the test build of the wonderful voice-activated macro program VoiceMacro, I have created a profile that does the following:
- Equip spells in your left, right, or both hands simply by saying the name of the spell (default hand is user-chosen)
- Equip shouts by saying the name of the shout
- only spells and shouts that you have learned are equippable
- Support for popular mods (optional)
- Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
- Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
- Imperious - Races of Skyrim

Translocate - Mark And Recall Spells

Bound Tools
- Quick Save/Quick Load by saying those hotphrases
- Quickly equip/put away a torch in dark caves 
- Unequip to fists with simple voice commands (Favourite Fist mod required, available in installer courtesy of Eps01)
- Bring up your map, journal, skills, inventory, and magic menus with a phrase

How To:
Installation and configuration instructions can be found in the Articles tab or by clicking here.
Please submit bugs if you find any in the Bugs tab, suggestions in the Posts tab, let’s keep this organized folks! If you want, come and join us on the Way of the Voice Discord Server.

Please note: I will not respond to questions or issues brought up whose answers are covered in the articles, except to point you to said articles. Sorry if that seems cold but if you can’t be bothered to look up your problem in the available information, I can’t be bothered to help you fix them. That being said, of course if your issue is not covered in the articles, put up a bug report and I‘ll get to it ASAP!

As always, if you enjoy this mod don‘t forget to endorse it! If you really love the mod, donations are always welcome :)