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Changes the meshes of the Bandolier mod by Dragten to be a tighter fit on females..

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This mod changes Dragten's Bandolier mod to be a tighter fit on females. The modifications were made based on a character with the standard UNPB body wearing the West Wind Assault armor.

The bandoliers and pouches will fit fairly close to the body. Please bear in mind this may not be a perfect fit depending on what armor your character is wearing.


You must install the original Bandoliers mod first. This mod will not work without it.

Bandolier Bags and Pouches original mod


-You will see some clipping issues when using the bandoliers especially if you have a character with larger breasts.  If you wish to disguise the gap between the bandolier and your character's back, I would recommend using a backpack mod.

-The glass vials do not have the same transparency as the original mod.

-The large bandolier (5 pouches, no shoulderpad) will be a looser fit on characters less than about 80 weight.


Original mod created by 'Dragten'.
Thank you to 'ousnius' for the SSE Nif Optimizer.

Original Skyrim Version