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This mod makes your character unstaggerable. This was made for VR version in mind but I am 99% sure it will work with regular Skyrim Special Edition as well. Compatible with Ordinator.

Permissions and credits
This mod was made with VR version in mind. It makes your character unstaggerable which is important in VR as staggering was very poorly handled in this version by Bethesda. Stagger in VR is annoying, confusing and in general makes melee playstyles worse.      

This tiny mod was made by an amateur modder and then improved with the help of SoT Team.       

The mod works out-of-the-box now. If the mod is installed and enabled, your character will not stagger.           

This mod is 100% compatible with Ordinator and probably other perk changing mods too but it has not been tested yet as Ordinator is my perk-overhaul of choice.

Mod premise:

This mod basically copies Tower of Strength perk from heavy armor tree, increases its stagger resist chance to 100% and removes any requirements so that it works no matter what armor you are wearing. Upon first load into the game with this mod enabled a script checks whether your current character has this perk, and adds it to your character if it doesnt have it already. Once your character has this modded perk, it is 100% immune to staggers.
Since this mod copies the perk and then modifies it, the original perk remains untouched.

If there are any issues or suggestions let me know and I will see what I can do.

Hope that you'll enjoy this mod and that it makes your melee gameplay more enjoyable!

This was made for VR but I am 99% sure it will work with regular Skyrim Special Edition as well.

Big shoutout to tonycubed2 and SoT Team for improving my initial version of this mod! You guys rock!

Also a big shoutout to /r/Oculus and /r/Skyrimvr for being amazing VR communities!