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Starker, higher resolution, colour corrected flames and explosions. Now for the Special Edition!

Permissions and credits
This is a direct port from the Legendary Edition to Special Edition. All credit for every texture and mesh goes to Ichibu. Thank you for the great mod! You can find the LE mod here.

High definition, colour corrected flames and explosions. The aim is to increase the range of hue and luminosity creating richer visuals and more realism for all fire. There are noticeably higher definition in many flame types, new realistic candle flames, better fire spell FX, more modded files and improvements in colouration and quality. I had a 1-2 FPS drop during the use of fire spells.

  • Embers HD - Install Cinematic Fire Effects 2 but disable the ESP. Then install EmbersHD and ensure that it loads after Cinematic Fire Effects 2.
  • Other fire retextures - Incompatible. No crashes, but the last loaded mod will overwrite everything else and appear in your game.
  • NAT - LOOT has a conflict error because both files edit light sources. Should be fine to load NAT after Cinematic Fire Effects 2 for its light changes to take effect but still keeping this mod's fire retextures. If the error really worries you a lot, you can safely disabe Cinematic Fire Effects 2's ESP file for only the retextures to apply.

Final Notes
There are more updated fire retexture mods on the modding market currently, namely Inferno - Fire Effects Redux that I would personally use if I were to overhaul fire. If you still enjoy the effects that Cinematic Fire Effects 2 provides, then feel free to download. I just felt it necessary to direct modders to an alternative if I am unable to provide support or texture alterations.