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Adds Teleportation Tomes to the Game. To use in survival mode not required.

Permissions and credits
Survival Teleportation 

Adds craftable Teleportation tomes to a crafting bench in Whiteruns Belethor General Goods. Plus, Belethor's wife Bee that sells blank tomes.

Each tome requires a blank tome purchased from Bee (Belethor's Wife) and common soul gem. Some require higher empty gem.

These tomes have conditions set to not show up unless the requirements are met. That allows you to travel to major cities and other locations of importance.

From Whiterun to Sovngarde with conditions set to prevent access early.

Allows you to travel all over Skyrim. Too many places to list see Screenshot for some of them.

Two Versions.

Mage Version - Cost is 150 magicka with a 3-second cast. Will need some magic skill to cast spells.

Non-Mage Version - Cost is 50 magicka with a 3-second cast. No skill really needed.

Update Info.

See changelog for details.

Please Report issues under bug reports, not comments. Leave suggestions in comments. I do not have premium so I do not get notified of comments so be patient I will check back from time to time. 

Use NMM to Install.

The reasoning for the mod.
  The reason I made this mod was I like hunger and cold but not the no fast travel in survival. I saw the mod by TheWulfPanda Teleport spells. But, didn't want three ESP's and wanted a few more locations. Plus I wanted a version that had fewer world edits. So I made mine to references COC markers and other Markers. Only adds like two COC markers where none were present. Has been Cleaned in SSEdit using a different teleport script. I had to have some way to put in-game so added a merchant and a crafting station to Belethors General Goods in Whiterun. It is just 3 things so should be very compatible with other mods. Load other mods that edit Belethor's after this mod in the load order.

Known Issues.
  Sometimes followers do not travel with you. They do catch up in time, however. Looking into a better way to handle followers.
Activator is in middle of teleportation bench, not the book. A minor issue may fix in a later version.

I uploaded for Xbox one as well. I removed the pc version as it is here on the nexus.

Modular Crafting Tables By tueffelachtein
Script credits From Skyrim Adventures Tent By Herrbaron
Inspired by TheWulfPanda's Teleport mods.