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Allows you to see your character in VR and also to edit your character's looks safely. Intended as a stopgap measure until Bethesda comes out with a better solution. Not exactly VR specific. Idea based on RGMage2's Vanity Mirror for Oldrim.

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NOTE: If you are playing a Werewolf or Vampire, be a bit careful as it might mess up your character's looks. Re-load from a save just to be safe.


One of the things most sorely missing from the release version of Skyrim VR is the ability to easily see yourself.

Trying out new armor and seeing how it looks on you is one of the most satisfying elements of any RPG. But in Skyrim VR, you currently can't do that.



Once you install the mod, you will find a new 'Power' called "A VR Mirror Power" that when used will display a limited racemenu using the "ShowLimitedRaceMenu" function call.

This allows you to see yourself in VR and also change how you look.


- You are able to see yourself wearing whatever armor/clothes you are wearing. You can also move in as close to your character (using roomscale) as you want to admire any and all details of yourself such as face and armor.

- The racemenu shown is a 'limited racemenu'. What this means is that it doesn't allow you to change race or sex. This is good as it allows you to change how you look safely without messing with your stats or perks. It also asks for confirmation if you accidentally switch the preset, which is nice.

- Since shouts are bound to the right grip button on the HTC Vive, once you equip the shout entering and exiting the race menu is extremely convenient as to exit you just press the right grip button again and trigger to confirm. Then you can move to another spot and press right grip to view yourself again!


- There are only a few poses you can get your character to do. First if you put away your weapon / spell, you will get this 'looking at the sky pose' which doesn't look very cool. Second if you equip your weapon or spells, you will get a cooler looking combat stance looking to the right. If you sneak, you will get the sneaking pose. Walking, running, jumping also displays those animations.

- You can also use the console command player.playidle to change the idle stance. For example player.playidle standoffish. I'm not sure though where to get a list of usable idles. Mods that pose the player may also work.

- If you want a clear view of your character without the racemenu ui in the way, here are some recommended ini settings.


The HMDOffset settings control where your headset will be relative to the character model
Here I moved it closer to the player. The OffsetY setting moves the ui to be just behind you. To see it, just step back a bit.

- Weapons and spell fx in hands aren't shown at all which is a big limitation. Any other visible effects will probably also not be shown.

- If you do equip a weapon, you may find that once you switch back your hand is missing and/or sometimes you get a black screen when trying to view yourself again. In this case just unequip and re-equip your weapon(s).

- Getting your character to stand where you want him/her to can be frustrating. Sometimes they just won't face the direction you want whatever you do. Most of the time the character will face back at you from where you are facing, but not always.

- If you want to take a screenshot, you can use Steam VRs button combo (Right trigger + System Menu). Steam VR will show a notification that it took the screenshot. Viewing the screenshots in Steam they look ugly, but if you browse to the actual files they are actually full resolution.

- If you want to take a screenshot and the menu ui is in the way, then you can use the 'tm' console command to hide all ui. Use 'tm' (blindly) again to bring ui back. You could maybe bind this in Voice Attack or Voice Macro.


See the first sticky post in the Posts tab.


Another mod solution to viewing yourself would be a mod that creates a perfect clone of yourself with the proper equipment equipped. This would let you see weapons and fx properly and maybe with some other mods you could also control the posing.

I have searched for such a mod, but there is none. Some mods let you create clones, but they don't wear the same equipment as you.


In any case Bethesda, PLEASE add a proper third person view to the game so that people can see themselves without the limitations of this method.


I got the idea from RGMage2's Vanity Mirror Mod for Oldrim.
His mod does the same thing, but as an item. It also needs to be fixed manually for SSE. The problem with it is that for some reason the mirror model itself floats above your character.