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HD texture overhaul of Solitude.

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solitude was a lot of work for me.
i've started with the project in 2017 and now i have reworked the whole city.
lots of textures i've made now from scratch.
especially the interiors and the stone work.
all these textures are now in crisp 4k resolution.

this time i have no LOD textures included because i'm using HD LODs Textures SE.
so it's highly recommended to install this mod or just the LODs for solitude
and restart DynDOLOD or SSELODGen after install.
same for the main gate. no textures included because it's rebuilded by Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM.

Solitude HD is about 800 mb big because lots of textures are in 4k.
that means this mod is for high end rigs.

recommended mods:
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
HD LODs Textures SE by Abendaron
JK's Skyrim by JKrojmal
LH's HD Unique Total Inn-Shops Signs Remaster by LupusHegemonia

thanks for downloading and don't forget to came back and endorse my work.