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Easy installation via FOMOD. Offers options for the three Plugin Loaders, Skill Cap and Leveling Progression. Also offers an additional "fix" for the Apocalypse mod.

More informations and a troubleshooting guide can be found in the description.

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This bug seems to be fixed! But I still recommend double checking it on your system.

The DLL of Skyrim Skill Uncapper has a bug. On some systems everything works fine, but many systems (including mine) have serious problems loading it via SKSE64. Please consider doing this:

  • Choose a SkyrimUncapper.ini that allows going over 100.
  • Test, if the .ini is correctly loaded every time you start the game. Load a save, open the console and type in "player.advskill alchemy 1000000000000". If Alchemy is capped at 100, it doesn't work. Once it works, it works until you start the game (skse64_loader.exe) again. You are not safe, just because it load once. I recommend testing it multiple times over the course of a playthrough until you feel like you are safe.
  • If you encounter problems, do the following:
  1. Install xSHADOWMANx's DLL Loader
  2. Cut/Remove SkyrimUncapper.dll and SkyrimUncapper.ini from Data/SKSE/Plugins/
  3. Paste/Put SkyrimUncapper.dll and SkyrimUncapper.ini to Data/Plugins/sumwunn/
  4. It should work now. But keep testing until you are sure, that it works and report if it doesn't. It did the trick for me, but maybe not for you

Plugin Loader Options:

SKSE64: Data/SKSE/Plugins/SkyrimUncapper.ini

xSHADOWMANx's DLL Loader: Data/Plugins/sumwunn/SkyrimUncapper.ini

meh321's Plugin Loader: Data/DLLPlugins/SkyrimUncapper.ini

You can choose, which Plugin Loader you use during installation. The .ini will be installed into the right folder automatically!


You have the choice between 100 (Vanilla) and 199 ("uncapped"). The Formula Cap will stay at 150.

Vanilla or Adjusted (made while using Ordinator).

Mod Support Options:
Additional support for those that use Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim and especially the autotrigger magic in that mod. If you have ever used it, you will know, that autotriggering skills increases the skill level of the triggered spells way too quickly. This option reduces leveling speed of Illusion and Alteration to roughly 1/3 of how it would level normally. If you think that it is too low, you can still manually adjust it of course. If you use different spells that are not in the Illusion and Alteration area or encounter similar problems, you should manually adjust the values in the SkyrimUncapper.ini.

Information regarding the "Adjusted Leveling" option:

In short: Balanced level speed, stronger progression early game, harder endgame

Note: Generally, leveling will be a lot slower with this option. Adjust it, if it is too slow for you.

Skill EXP Gain:
- Crafting Skills level slower
- Armor Skills level quicker
- Small "Soft Caps" at Skill Level 50, 75 and 100
- Character Level decreases the Skill Level speed slightly as well

Character EXP Gain:
- Weapon Skills, Armor Skills and Destruction give you 15% more exp per Skill Level
- Crafting Skills give you 12% less exp per Skill level
- Speechcraft, Lockpicking and Pickpocket give you 25% less exp per Skill level
- you know why...

Diverse progression:
- Early levels increase your stats more. Including Health/Stamina/Magicka as well as Perks
- The more you progress, the less your stats increase per level. After Character Level 50, you will get significantly less stats, making the late game more challenging.
- Tweaked Carry Weight. Health and Magicka give you some carry weight as well now.