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Have a favorite item, but its stats just can't hang? Think its weird that a weapon wielded by a legendary hero commands the same price as a freshly-forged fake? With Signature Equipment, your weapons and armor scale in power and value with you. This time without any maintenance.

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A hero's gear can take on a legend of its own. Build it.

What Does This Mod Do?

Simply put, Signature Equipment enables your weapons and armor to scale through achievement. Single-handedly slaughter the entire Stormcloak army with a butter knife? That butter knife now has the stats and value to prove it. Wear the same pair of dragon-slaying boots for good luck? You guessed it.

In practice, the more you use the same equipment, the more potent and valuable that equipment becomes. It's a lot like tempering, but you do it gradually by cleaving through your enemies. This allows for a favorite early game weapon to become a signature weapon that scales with your character. Maybe your character might intentionally build up the reputation of a weapon to sell it for a profit. Or maybe you like the way a weapon looks, but its damage just can't keep up. That's no longer an issue with this mod!

New with version 2.1: follower's equipment can improve too!

How Do I Use This Mod?

This mod is plug-and-play. There is a configuration menu that allows you to disable the mod, adjust the rate of progression, and set progression caps for weapons and armor. Beyond that, just play the game and watch as your equipment strengthens.

The default progression rate is balanced to keep your equipment viable without overshadowing any high tier gear you might come across. Progress slows exponentially the more upgraded your items become, so an iron sword might eventually become stronger than an ebony sword, but the ebony sword has more potential. The higher your level, the quicker your equipment progress through tiers you've out-leveled, providing an upgrade "fast track" if you choose to use new equipment.

Installation and Compatibility

If you use A Legend's Weapons and Vestments, uninstall it first. This mod replaces it.

This mod requires SKSE. SkyUI is required to use the MCM. Make sure you have those installed first. Otherwise, installation is standard.

All weapons and armor, clothing, and jewelry is affected, even modded items.

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