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Improves the arsenal of Skyforge items in Skyrim.

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I've always found it annoying how the Skyforge is supposed to be able to forge the strongest weapons yet it can only create steel weapons with a damage matching elven weapons. This mod aims to change that.This mod adds fully craftable and temperable Skyforge variants off all of the craftable weapons and armours in vanilla Skyrim and all of the official expansions, it prevents non-Skyforge variants from being created at the Skyforge and it makes Eorlund sell Skyforge items instead of standard ones.

What this mod does
  • Adds Skyforge versions of all craftable weapons and armour
  • Prevents the Skyforge from crafting normal weapons and armour
  • Adds temper recipes for all of these new items
  • Modified stats of Wolf Armour to better reflect its appearance
  • Eorlund sells all of the new Skyforge items
  • Completing the Companion's questline allows you to create better Skyforge items
  • Eorlund sells the improved versions when you unlock the ability to create them