Skyrim Special Edition
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adds 4 redone Greatswords with the power of a special sword

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Fancy yourself a warrior? Well, what's a warrior without proper equipment?
Power Greatswords is a mod that ADDS 4 new (stand-alone) two-handed swords to your game.

***All of the weapons are non-replacers***

What should you expect?
- Semi custom meshes.
- Semi custom textures.
- Custom glow map for each of the swords, each with it's own color.
- All the swords have the same effect that another sword has.

The Weapons
1-Big Blue Greatsword: Inspired by the harsh climate of Skyrim. Quite a fair amount of detail has been put into the texture of this sword's Ice-resembling textures (blue glow).

2-BloodNord Blade: Inspired by the Nordic tradition of sword-making and engraved with glowing runes. The design of this sword is elegant, yet intimidating, and the (red glow) is just the icing on the cake with this one.

3-Dragon Greatsword: Inspired by Dwemer weapon-making art, this sword is what warriors of great caliper would consider a true weapon. The (red glow) on the handle and cross-guard of this sword will be the last thing your enemies ever see!

4-Blue Night Greatsword: The inspiration to this sword comes from magic. With it's (purple glow) and crystal sharp edges, this sword is a great fit for any mighty dragon-slayer.

You will find the swords at the following locations:


Bugs and incompatibilities
-None that I am aware of. Please report any bugs you find.

Future updates
- Might make custom attack glow colors to match swords.
- Possible location changes.