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Normailizes the dialog volume for Zora Fairchild from the Interesting NPC's mod (3dnpcs). You will also need the full mod port to SSE which is linked below.

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I always found it hard to make out Zoras voice over ambient sounds and music, so I decided to touch up her audio.  She is a super follower and has original dialog for almost every situation/quest in the game, this helps me make out more of the content when she speaks.  My goal was to match the characters voice to suit the rest of the NPCs in the base game.  If you use the audio control sliders in game, everything lines up or works up as you would expect and Zoras level matches other NPCs.  

Here is a good example of what normalization and limiting is-   I did that (limiter to bring down the highest peaks and then added gain) for an average increase of 4db over the original source with no other alterations or changes.  The recordings have lots of emotion that should be preserved, so if she yells or whispers you can still tell.  

The 3DNPC team can feel free to merge this in if they like or approve (it's their content, not mine)

You need the 3dnpc mod to hear these tracks.

The original mod is here-

You can get an SSE port directly from the author under the downloads section here-

There is an updated community port of the main mod here-

You can find the actress reviewing mods and eating expired chips here-
(Hope all the contributors find success like the author did.)

This mod still works in 2022 for Oldrim, SE and AE.  For oldrim just install this mod after the main 3dnpc mod and overwrite when prompted, it's not a plugin and has audio only for Zora's character.