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Normailizes the dialog volume for Zora Fairchild from the Interesting NPC's mod (3dnpcs). You will also need the full mod port to SSE which is linked below.

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I always found it hard to make out Zoras voice over ambient sounds and music, so I decided to touch up her audio.  She is a super follower and has original dialog for almost every situation/quest in the game, this helps me make out more of the content when she speaks.  I'm bursting my mod cherry here so please be nice!

I originally analyzed all the tracks and only processed files which showed 3db or better increase with a 6db normalization baseline, 30 percent of the tracks I did not touch.  However, I found it made for a more consistent experience to process almost all of her tracks and so now I have version 2.  This is not a straight or flat boost of 6db across the board, that did not work out and Zora becomes too loud at times.  In fact version 2 processes more files but dialed the baseline back to 4db for most of them.   

I also found re-fuzzing (Skyrim's audio compressor) after putting the gain in did not damage the quality much, the difference was not worth the  amount of storage that WAV files use.  I'm not starving for disk storage and use a pair of $1000 headphones, so that version of "good enough" audio quality should match up well with most people's expectations.

The 3DNPC team can feel free to merge this in if they like or approve (it's their content, not mine)

You need the 3dnpc mod to hear these tracks,

The original mod is here- 

You can get an SSE port of the full mod here under downloads-

This file works for Oldrim and SE, install after the main mod and overwrite when prompted, it's not a plugin and has audio only for Zora's character.