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Expands on the options of Daedric Reaper set. Adds Longsword (fast greatsword), Greatsword and Dagger. Different glow colors: you can mix them as you like. There's also an option to replace the female torso to cover more skin.

Permissions and credits
The textures of the Daedric Reaper mod are fantastic but the mod lacks weapon variety since it includes only a one-handed sword. So I thought I make my own weapons for it.

Important: In order to use my mod you have to have Daedric Reaper installed. Just installed, you don't need to use the items from that mod.

If you just want a texture replacer for your vanilla daedric armor you can use this.

Mod Description


The new greatsword is called "Daedric Reaper Longsword" which uses the daedric one-handed sword model. In my opinion the daedric greatsword model is hideous while the sword looks quite good, like a heavy sabre. I love sabres!
It is craftable, upgradable and enchantable. It's faster than its daedric greatsword counterpart, on par with a sword or the Ebony Blade - my favorite vanilla two-handed weapon - but has slightly decreased base damage. It will deal less damage per hit but has higher damage per second.
The mod uses the same crafting and upgrading recipe as the daedric greatsword. No need for a manual or specific progression conditions. Just got to any forge you like with some ebony ingots, a daedra heart and some leather and you're good to go.


This is the actual greatsword. It makes use of the Daedric Greatsword model. Bigger, heavier and more impactful. Due to this it is slower than the Longsword but sports a hefty increase in base damage. The DPS is the same as on the Longsword. 


The dagger incorporates the same characteristics as the Greatsword. It's slightly faster than its daedric counterpart and also has slightly higher base damage to make the DPS increase in line with the Sword and Longsword. This is because I don't wanted to increase the speed even higher, it would look aweful when swinging the weapon.


My mod offers the same glow colors as provided by the original Daedric Reaper mod. I'm currently deciding if I want to expand on the colors. Maybe some additional blue, green, orange, etc. Maybe even completely rework the color options provided by Daedric Reaper to have more colors also on the armor and sword. And/or be able to mix and match every single item piece with different colors so you'll be able to glow like a christmas tree. Feel free to leave feedback in that regard.

The mod comes with optional minor adjustments to the Reaper Sword (one-handed) from the original Daedric Reaper mod. This is because I felt the sword to be too powerful. It already sports a hefty speed increase making it almost as fast as a dagger and on top of that it has an increased base damage compared to vanilla daedric sword. I slightly decreased the attack speed - it's still faster than a daedric sword - and lowered the base damage to be on par with a daedric sword. The result is a higher damage per second compared to vanilla. If you don't like that you can always choose to not use my changes in the installer.

Last but not least there's also an option to replace Deserter X's skimpy/revealing female torso model with the standard daedric model. If you want to use DX's model don't check any of the according options in the installer.


Either use a mod manager of your choice (Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer, etc.) or install the files manually. I recommend a mod manager since the mod is provided as a FOMOD installer which lets you easily pick and choose your preferred glow color.
If you want to install it manually you have to pick the file from the base folder and also the content of one of the color folders.

If you like my mod please endorse so others might take notice of it.

Disclaimer: This mod doesn't use any of the assets created by the author of Daedric Reaper. It just references the textures from the mod. That's why you need the original mod.

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