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Super Cool Auto Loot & Show Actor's Property on a Book & 12 Assortment Container

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* Very Important * 
After 2.0.2 you should first "Uninstall“ Plug and then save game to remove plug for update new version! 
After 2.0.5 This Mod Only Support 1.5.39+ and Skse2.07+
1.Item Loot Function

    A. Manual Loot 
        Press Shortcut Key [NUM+],Loot <Relevant Item> to Player's Inventory
    B.Auto Loot to Player's Inventory
        Auto Loot  <Relevant Item> to  Player's Inventory
    C.Auto Loot to Booty Container
        Auto Loot  <Relevant Item> to Booty Container

    <Relevant Item> Explain:
        Around Player that Set Range , Priority order "Surely Loot">"Surely Not Loot">"Gold/Weight Value"->"Gold Value">"Set Type"
       1)The Actor Corpse that Killed by Player or Player's Teammate
           When Enable<Loot Around Ground Items>,
       2)The Actor Corpse in ground
       3)The Set Item type in Container
       4)Set Item :Include Skyrim+3DLC and All Mod's Corresponding Type Item.If Set<Only Enchantment Weapon/Armor>,the Item that has Enchantment 
                           will Loot.  
   4 Container 
      Press Shortcut Key [NUM-]
       A. Booty Container:  which store the auto loot items, and it's also a "private" "carry on"  item storage container
       B. Surely Loot Container:  which item push in will surely loot
       C. Surely Not Loot Container:  which item push in will surely not loot
       D. Super Gift Container:  which always a new refresh when opn ,so it's also a Dustbin

2.Actor Property Book
      Mouse Point the <Actor>,Press Shortcut Key[NUM Enter],will open a book,The Actor's all include property item will show Page by page.if there is no one,
      will show the palyer's property.
     Include item:  State ; Equip;Skill;Perk;Shout;Spell;Inventory

3.Assortment Container
     Press Shortcut Key[NUM 0], next follow your choosen,you can open 12  Different type container

Know Bugs: loot will loot all your choosen type items,also include the quest item.when this happen,some quest will can't contiue. 
   solution way:when some need self deal quest start,use <Manual Loot > model
2.In the opening quest,after rush into the tower,the time climb the top step,game will frozen.
   solution way:in  initial menu,type "~" into console model,type  <Set MQQuickstart to 3> or  <Set MQQuickstart to 4> ,then new game,  this  will skip the opening                            direct enter the Helgen Castle to avoid the bug

By the way
   Although this plug can use in Skrim LE , but I'm Not recommend you to do this.Because it's Instable.It will cause Strange things in game. 
  If you feel good to use this plug,Please give me some encourage! Thanks for your use!

Now My Mod is Work with "AFSDefineButton" together.