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You will get a ring. With it, you can
1.let NPC kneel down when you walk around.
2. Set NPCs(not only followers) to live in your home.

Permissions and credits
emmmm... It's a little mod to let the NPC around kneel before you when you walk around.
[How to Start]
You can find a box near the guard stone between riverwood and helgen.

You will find a ring in it.
[Function 1]
As a king... When you walk aroud, the NPC near you will kneel down.
You can find other kneel pose in MCM menu.
[Function 2]
As a king, You can set at most 50 NPC to live in your home.
1. You talk to her/Him and remember him
2. Then you go to your home
3. You use a spell (already added when you use ring), NPC will be invited to your home.

LOL, Actually function 2 is a function I want to use myself, Cause You home is my home/EFF can only invite followers to home. I want invite smith of whiterun ^^
you can shut down these 2 functions in MCM menu if you don‘t like one of them.

[Pre Plugin]
1.XP32 Maximum Skeleton

[How to install]
(New Install) you install this mod. Open game, after MCM menu is successfully loaded, make a save. Then load this save to continue your game. (I don't know why, but invite NPC function works only after you load a save with this mod.
(Update Install) Just overwrite old one, Drop old ring and get a new ring in MCM menu.

1. If a NPC you invited in your home run away, that's because other mod or quests use it, when you want him/her, just go to you home, open MCM menu in My people, click his/her name to reset home
2. No invite dialogue. Make sure you open it in MCM. Then save/load. Then equit the ring.

[Update Log]
Different from 2.0
1. Mini performance optimization
 Different from 1.0 
1.add a function to invite NPC to your home
2.add random pose function in MCM menu
3.add 3 new animations 

1. Many thanks to the authors of Zaz animations mod. As I only need 5 of animations, I extract them from this mod instead of making it as a pre plugin.  Xaz, Zaz,  and
2.RohZima. I use 3 animations from his mod RohZima Animated Poses

1. I am a new modder. So if you find any bugs or you want me to implement something in this mod. Feel Free to contect me~ ^-^
2. Beta verson, mybe have bug in it~