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+++ Curse of the Dragonborn: A Vampire & Werewolf Hybrid Mod
+++ Version 1.7

by OregonPete

This mod is the successor of my Vampire Lord & Werewolf Hybrid mod
and allows you to play as both a vampire and a werewolf at the same
time. I've tried to change as little as possible in the base game
in order to make the mod as compatible as possible with vampire and
werewolf overhaul mods, which is really the only way to play as either.

What This Mod Does
When you start your game for the first time after installing
the mod, the Curse of the Dragonborn will be added to your Magic
Inventory in the Active Effects list (press P on your keyboard).
You will see two new constant effects:

- Resist Cure Lycanthropy
- Resist Cure Vampirism

As long as the curse remains active, you can no longer be cured
of Vampirism or Lycanthropy. So if you're already a werewolf,
becoming a vampire will not cure you of Lycanthropy. Vice versa,
if you're already a vampire, becoming a werewolf will not cure
you of Vampirism.

If you've already completed both the Companions quest line and
the Dawnguard quest line and have already been cured of the one
or the other, you can return to either Aela to be re-gifted with
Lycanthropy, or you can return to Serana to be re-gifted with
Sanguinare Vampiris. In either case, when you're re-gifted with
the one, you won't be cured of the other. If you install a vampire
or werewolf overhaul mod, you will probably have the choice of
letting the mod turn you into a vampire or werewolf.

What This Mod Does NOT Do
This mod doesn't create any new races, change your appearance,
skills, and powers, or change how you become a vampire or werewolf
in any way. You still need to go through the regular channels to
become either. This means to become a werewolf, you have the
following possibilities:

- Follow the Companions quest line and acquire the Beast Blood
- Install a werewolf overhaul mod, such as Moonlight Tales SE

To become a vampire, you have these possibilities:

- Follow the Dawnguard quest line and get bitten by Lord Harkon or Serana
- Become infected with Sanguinare Vampiris and wait for three days
- Install a vampire overhaul mod, such as Better Vampires or Sacrosanct

This mod requires the following mods:

- SkyUI
- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

The Curse of the Dragonborn will not run
correctly without them!

This mod changes several vampire and werewolf related quests
and scripts. It therefore requires a patch for any mod that
changes the same quests or scripts. The main file has a fomod
installer that will automatically load the correct merged
patches for Better Vampires or Sacrosanct, and/or Moonlight Tales.


From version 1.2 on, the main file uses a FOMOD that will
install the correct .esp, depending on which other mods
you have installed. These ESPs are already merged with the
necessary patches, so no optional patch files are necessary.

I suggest installing this mod with a mod manager, such as
NMM, Vortex, or Mod Organizer. If you don't have a mod
manager and don't wish to install one, you must do the following:

Depending on whether or not you have Better Vampires (BV),
Sacrosanct (SC), or Moonlight Tales (MT) installed, copy the
contents of ONLY ONE of the following folders into your
Skyrim Special Edition > Data folder:

- 10 CotDb: If you don't have BV, SC, or MT installed
- 20 CotDb BV: If you only have BV installed
- 25 CotDb SC: If you only have SC installed
- 30 CotDb MT: If you only have MT installed
- 40 CotDb BV MT: If you have both BV AND MT installed
- 50 CotDb SC MT: If you have both SC AND MT installed

I would advise using LOOT to sort your load order. If you
don't use LOOT, put the .esp file after any vampire or werewolf
overhaul mods.

Since this mod changes scripts, it's probably wise to
use a clean save procedure to uninstall it:

1) Create a new save of your game (not a quick save) and
exit the game.

2) Uninstall the mod by either using the mod manager with
which you installed it, or by removing the .esp and .bsa
files you installed during the installation from your
Skyrim Special Edition > Data folder.

3) Load your save (ignore the warning about missing content).

4) Wait for 24 to 48 in-game hours to allow any running
scripts to end.

5) Create another new save (not a quick save) and exit
the game again.

6) Load the last save. It should now be safe to play.

When you play after you first installed the mod and go
to your Magic Inventory (press P on the keyboard), you will
see two new detrimental effects in the Active Effects list:

- Resist Cure Vampirism
- Resist Cure Lycanthropy

Because these effects are detrimental, they will be RED
in your list. These are contant effects and can't be
removed through normal means.

The mod comes with an MCM that allows you to disable
either Resist Cure Vampirism, or Resist Cure Lycnathropy,
or both. This can be helpful if you need to cure yourself,
for instance if you've chosen to side with the Dawnguard.
You won't be able to finish the questline on the Dawnguard
side as a vampire.


- Added support for Sacrosanct

- Removed loose script files

- There were issues loading the scripts from two separate .bsa
files. Each .bsa was therefore repacked to include all necessary
scripts (instead of having the core scripts in a separate BSA)
and the ESPs renamed accordingly to reflect the new status.

- Fixed flag dependencies in fomod

- Fixed missing properties in merged ESPs

- Merged patches into main ESPs. Separate patches are
no longer required.
- Created FOMOD for automated installation

- Fixed a few conflicts in the PlayerWerewolfQuest between Dawnguard and CotDb