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Replaces most of the songs that bards are gonna sing in taverns with songs from Malukah, BardMichaelKelly and Xenadragons.

Permissions and credits
What it does
This mod replaces most of the bard songs with songs from Malukah, BardMichaelKelly and Xenadragons.

This mod was originally published in 2012 and since then it ran just fine (link to Oldrim version). Finally, I've converted this mod to Skryim SE. However, I won't continue working on this mod.

This mod is also available at bethesda.net (and also for Xbox One).

Mod features
- Not each bard will song all the added songs.
- Bards will play their lute, if required

Song list:

1. Unzip
2. Copy the files into your game's data folder (steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data)

This mod should work fine with most of other mods, except those which are touching bard songs as well, obviously.

Known bugs
No bugs known yet.

- If you encounter a bard who's still singing one of those ugly vanilla version's, you then found one I haven't replaced (and I won't). Visit Lisette at the winking skeever for demonstration.
- If no bard will sing a new version, you should check whether you placed all the mod files where they belong to be.

Have fun!