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Rescales Skyrim's Final Bosses to make the final battles more challenging

Permissions and credits
This mod is currently in testing phases and has not been balanced yet so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I created this mod in order to start learning the creation kit and to make the final boss scaling harder since I believed all the final battles were too easy.

There should not be any compatibility issues with this mod but if you find any please let me know so I can look into it.

List Of Changes:
Main Questline
Alduin (Before Sovengarde Quest):
Base Level: 15 (originally 10)
Multiplier: 1.25 (originally 1.2)
Max Level: 100

Alduin (Durring Sovengarde Quest):
Base Level: 25 (originally 20)
Multiplier: 1.3 (originally 1.2)
Max Level: 100

Lord Harkon (Human Form):
Base Level: 20 (originally 10)
Multiplier: 1.2 (not changed)
Max Level: 70 (originally 69)

Lord Harkon (Vampire Lord Form):
Base Level: 25 (originally 10)
Multiplier: 1.4 (not changed)
Max Level: 70 (originally 60)

Base Level: 45 (originally 35)
Multiplier: 1.15 (originally 1.1)
Max Level: 150 (not changed)

Planned Features:
  • Multiple Difficulties
  • FMOD Installer for multiple difficulties
  • MCM Extention (this will take some time since I am new to modding and know almost nothing about how to script with Papyrus and the SKSE)

You are free to modify, publish, and change this mod in any way you see fit, IF AND ONLY IF you provide it FREE OF CHARGE and credit me the mod author.

- SpaceCoder