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Adds a buildable (or rather the possibility to repair) home that you can use as a STARTER home. Great for role playing.

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Version 2 is out! This mod now have an option of four different houses that you can install. You can choose one, two, three or even all four of them.

If you like role playing Skyrim like I do, then this mod is for you.

I always had this problem of having stuff that I have no place to store them in. So my solution was always to get a house, but this created some new problems:

Problem 1: The homes you get in Skyrim always at a steep price for a beginner.
Problem 2: The houses you get from mods usually just give you a house for free or search for a key and still get a fully furnished house. Not great for role playing.

So my solution is this little mod.

You might have ventured out of Whiterun past the West Tower (where you fight your first dragon in the main quest) and come to this house:

Well, no you can repair this house into this and use it as your own :

This mod allows you to build your own STARTER home. Yes, starter home. This is only the first step, as it is tiny and doesn't have a lot of features, meaning that you can use this with almost all other player homes in using this one until you can get the others. It requires cheap and easy to get resources.
If you like the mod, then please endorse so we can spread the happiness!


Hearthfires DLC (Must have to be able to build this home - won't work without it)
The latest Skyrim SE

- Close to Whiterun for easy access early game
- Fixed house and fences
- A stable for ye horse (probably you will only have one at this stage if you stole one)
- A kitchen and dining area
- A bedroom and study (by study I mean a chest to store books in with a chair where you can sit and read)
- Yard with training dummies
- All containers in the house is safe for storage, EXCEPT for the garbage bin. No seriously, don't put something you want to keep in there, you will loose it. It is rigged to throw it's innards out after three days something gets added to its inventory.

- House in Winterhold that you can build yourself on a ship wreck. This is the only house of the four that doesn't have a loading door, meaning you can access any part of your house without going through a loading door. Search through the wreck first, as there might be some resources you can use.

- House in the Rift located at Heartwood Mill, west of Riften. Someone starter to build a cabin here, but it seems he was killed. The dark brotherhood maybe? Take over the deed and finish the build for your own house.

- House in the Reech, north east of Karthwasten. Just follow the road north from there and when you get to the bridge, you should see it down by the river. If you wanna find out what happened there, then just find the journal BEFORE you repair the house, and maybe it will help you find the deed to the piece of land as well.

Runs with anything except something that might be placed in the same space.
I am not sure if any quest is connected with the original chest you find at this location, if someone knows, please let me know.

Use whatever mod manager you are using and the FOMOD installer will run.


If for some strange reason you want to get rid of the mod, just delete the Rervun - Build Your Starter House.esp file from your Data folder, as well as the two scripts located at:
- tdRervun_BYOH_Script.pex
- tdRervunGarbageBinScript.pex

But just use a mod manager, so much easier.
Just make sure you are far away from the house when doing so, and not...say inside of it. That's the same as deleting your safe file.

Known Issues

None I know of.

Always save and backup your save files before trying out new mods!
I placed a place to mine stone and clay just north of the house. For the stone, look for a place of rocks, and for the clay, just seek out the water.
I didn't change the vanilla navmesh, just moved it out of the way, and handmade my own new navmesh for the affected cell.
Change Log

1.0 Initial release
Legal / Licence / Permission

If you want to change my mod, or add anything to it, ask me 1st. Remember: credit must be given where it is due.
This mod may never be sold for any money.


Bethesda for this awesome gameDarkFox127 for some really great tutorial videos

Extra tools used:
FOMOD Creation Tool

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