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MILK - Many Immersive Keys and Lootboxes -- adds the popular and successful loot box mechanic to Skyrim! Instead of having to go on adventures or use your skills to obtain new gear, you can spend your gold to unlock a random assortment of equipment! There's also the Golden Key system, letting you spend gold on keys to unlock the ~Premium Chest~!

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Bold adventurer! Have you ever felt that there was something missing from your adventures? A feature that you enjoyed so much in other games, that you couldn't bear to play without it in Skyrim? Worry not, traveller, because the feature that everybody loves has finally found its way into Skyrim: Loot boxes! Loot boxes that you can buy with your hard-earned gold! Instead of finding new loot in the depths of a mysterious dungeon, or crafting it with the skills you've spent time and resources to improve, we offer you a shortcut! Now you can stroll into a general store, and ask the merchant about loot boxes! After buying some, simply activate them in your inventory to crack them open and receive a random cache of loot! All the loot you could ever ask for! Who needs to play the game when you can buy your way to the top?

"Single-handedly brings Skyrim into 2018." - Brodual
"If Belethor had a sister, she'd probably be in the loot boxes, too." - Also Brodual
"I doubt you'll even want any of today's other mods after that." - Still Brodual


To get started with the excitement and surprise of opening loot boxes, head to any general merchant. There, you'll find a new dialogue option: "I'd like to buy some loot boxes." From there, you'll be able to purchase different amounts of boxes (1, 5, 11, 24, or 50) depending on how much gold you have in your inventory. Every loot box comes with at least one uncommon item, guaranteed! Note that if you don't have at least 300 gold, the option to purchase loot boxes won't appear! And honestly, if you don't have enough money, why are you bothering us?


If you thought we stopped at loot boxes, THINK AGAIN! We've heard your pleas, and are happy to reveal our new and patented way to spend your gold: Golden Keys! Inside every general merchant building, you'll find our Premium Chest. But not so fast! To open it, you'll need to get your hands on a Golden Key. For your convenience, we've made Golden Keys available from a mini-transaction menu that appears when you interact with the Premium Chest! As long as you have enough gold in your inventory (and if you don't, why are you wasting our time?), you'll be able to purchase as many Golden Keys as your heart desires. Every key is good for opening the Premium Chest one time, and each time you open it, you'll get a different batch of (potentially) FANTASTIC loot, with at least one uncommon item guaranteed! 


Whenever you open a loot box or use a Golden Key to unlock the Premium Chest, you'll hear an inspiring and positive Loot Box Theme sound effect! This fun and interesting method makes sure that every time you crack open a new cache of loot, you're feeling good, and ready to come back for more!

Look at those Dragonscale Gauntlets! A Legendary drop that we definitely did not manipulate for the purposes of making loot boxes look like an attractive way to spend your gold!


- Isn't this pay to win?

Let me stop you right there, buddy! Playing to win is old-fashioned, outdated! What you call "ruining the spirit of the game", we call "huge profits"! Everybody wins!

- What are the odds of getting an item that I want in a loot box? What are the odds of getting a rare item?

We strive to remain in full compliance with the law, and always want to make our customers happy. In this instance, the law does not require that we disclose the odds of getting items that you want. By keeping the odds a secret, we ensure that you always feel a sense of surprise, pride, and accomplishment, and that each and every item you earn feels rare and special.

- Doesn't this break the economy of the game?

What you call "breaking the economy of the game", we call "huge profits!"

- What was the inspiration behind this mod?

We always strive to give our customers new and interesting ways to play our games. We are so humbled by the tremendous support that you have shown us over the years, we just want to give back to you, the community, as much as we can. We feel that loot boxes and golden keys provide a new and interesting way for players to obtain loot at their own pace.

- Can I just... buy an item directly instead of paying for loot boxes that may or may not give me something I want, much less the specific item I want?

Next question, please.

- Wouldn't selling loot boxes that contain armor and weapons adversely affect the balance of the game?

Loot boxes are OPTIONAL. If you don't want to use them, don't use them! Nobody is forcing you to use them, so that makes it okay. :)

- It's just cosmetic, bro?


- Doesn't it cost more gold to buy enough loot boxes to get something you want than it does to just purchase the specific item?

I don't know about you, but personally, I'm no mathemetician. Our team of expert analysts, who have math degrees or something, assures us that this is the best way for us to make enough gold to continue to support the game. And you don't want us to stop supporting the game, do you? I guess if you don't like it, we can always start charging for [trivial content that is not worth paying for] instead of giving it to you for FREE!


(You can disable the loot box theme music by typing "set MILKTheme to 0" without the quotes into the console. To re-enable, type "set MILKTheme to 1". This mod is compatible with everything, though items added by mods won't drop from loot boxes. It places a premium chest in every general merchant building in towns. If you'd prefer to play with no cell edits, snip every cell block except cell block 0 in xEdit.)

Font used on the mod page is Sovngarde by MistValkyrie. Thanks!