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This is a small bug fix for Zim's Immersive Artifacts that allows the Oghma Infinium's "Dragon Knowledge (Modify)" configuration power to function properly.

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Among the artifacts that Zim's Immersive Artifacts overhauls is the Oghma Infinium.  It adds a new power called "Dragon Knowledge" that allows the player to redeem dragon souls for a perk point, as well as a configuration power available while inside Septimus Signus' outpost that lets you configure how many dragon souls each perk point costs.  Sounds neat, right?

Unfortunately, the original script had a single incorrect variable that caused the configuration power to not actually do anything.  As a result, the "Dragon Knowledge" power only consumes one dragon soul per perk point without this fix, regardless of what you set it to.  This tiny bug fix remedies that issue, and restores the intended functionality of the configuration power, allowing you to set whatever dragon soul cost you desire.

I will probably delete this page whenever the original author of ZIA fixes the bug himself, but I thought others might find this useful in the meantime since ZIA hasn't been updated since September of last year.

Naturally, this requires the original Zim's Immersive Artifacts mod.  This is just a bug fix for that mod, and will do nothing on its own.