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From the acclaimed mod ETD . Every tree different a variation visual for the mod 3d Trees

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This is the mod many of you were waiting for and ask from a long time
ETD every tree different is expanded to 3d trees
unfortunatly it will not use the tecnics of ETD
but it's a massive alternative retextures of the trees (this will be also expanded to original ETD)
All trees are from realistic trees pictures from Finland taken by me (yeah also the tree you see in the main pic really exist)
Me and the author of 3D Trees we have been in contact to give you the best experience in game
3d Trees has expanded the numbers of trees (and probably in future will be more)
and this retexture will give a kick to quality and variation
IF You use the mod Immersive fallen trees this mod will work also along
my ETD - Every Tree Different Changing the fallen Trees
ETD and ET3D are compatible 

Big thank to Hodilton

Required mods:

To have this work you have to be installed the mod Skyrim 3d Trees from Mathy79
you have to down load all 3 modules (Trees,Plants and Gildergreen)

Then download my  packs (2k or 4k)
and install them with your manager

IF you like it good
if you don't like it, just disinstall it

it's nothing difficult

SEND ME YOUR PICS and Report me any Issue


A big thank to Mathy79 for his collaboration
hopefully we ll go on in this together
to my camera and talent :-)

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