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A replacement of the default background music in Inns and Taverns using the gorgeous covers made by Malukah on YouTube.

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I once had a mod *cough*whose name I was too stupid to remember*cough* which had an option to add exactly this to the game: Replacing the background music in Inns and Taverns with the gorgeous Skyrim-covers performed by Malukah. I couldn't find it again, because it wasn't the main goal of the mod and therefore wasn't even in its description. It was just a casual fun option in the installation menu.

So I had to redo it myself.

There are a lot of mods out there which replace the main menu's music, but I honestly don't spend much time in the main menu. Cuz... I'm a player.
Other mods let the bards play a low-quality-version of one of her songs, but that just looks weird tbh. ^^'

My mod on the other hand is simple, not-scripted, decent, modest and (add some more compliments here:__________).

Just use da Mod Manager Lul :3

Plans for the FUTURE
No plans really. I may add some more songs by MiracleOfSound and add some more places like the Misty Grove.

Thanks to...
Bethesda, my friends, my pet, the nice woman who helped me with my trash last week, yo mama, Phil Collins and a lot of depressed children on tumblr.
Endorse and I may thank you, too. Probably not, but maybe!

Look here for the Non-SE-Edition