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Takes the Unrelenting Force shout and adds it to weapons

Permissions and credits
This mod was originally made for the Console Versions of Skyrim SE (I am aware there may be mods that already so this)
Huge thanks to ExiTus1337 for helping with this mod

This mod adds a Sword called "DrachenKnochenSchwert" which has the Unrelenting Force effect on its blade and is more fun than using the Actual shout.


The weapon can be found in 2 specific places
  1. Belethors General Goods in Whiterun (Sells for 1 Gold & has Unlimited Charges)
  2. In the Cheat Chest in Riverwood (As shown in the Thumbnail)

The weapon can be broken down at any enchantment table and used on any other weapon (Im pretty sure the charges stay unlimited no matter what Soul Gem is used)

I plan to update the mod by adding more shouts and weapons to play around with, along with a merchant that you can buy them off aswell
if anyone would like to donate to patreon they can get a custom weapon made for them & their name in the weapons description.

Patreon Donations (Donations if anyone is Generous)