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This is a replacer version of Dwarven Black Armor and Dwarven Black Weapons made by holycowmuncher. I got permission from him to release it as a separate file.

Permissions and credits
A few days ago I was searching the Nexus for a dwarven replacer since the vanilla armor and weapons look pretty hideous IMO. The only mods interesting were the ones by holycowmuncher but there was no replacer version. I made it a replacer myself and asked him for permissions to upload it.

If you like what you see please make sure to check out the original mods by holycowmuncher and endorse them:
- Armor
- Weapons

Install with a Mod Manager of your choice, overwrite mesh files if necessary (in case you have another mod with meshes for the dwarven stuff installed). Textures won't get overwritten since they're in a separate folder.

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