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This is ported version of my old mod with same name from LE.
With this mod you can open a fleamarket stall and sell merchandise to NPC. Requires SKSE64.
NPCs wander off to your store and sometimes buy your stuff at acceptable price.
You can gain more earnings than wholesaling to usual store, since it's direct trade with consumer.

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This is ported version of my old mod with same name from LE.

What Is This?

With this mod you can open a fleamarket stall and sell merchandise to NPC. Requires SKSE64.
NPCs wander off to your store and sometimes buy your stuff at acceptable price.
You can gain more earnings than wholesaling to usual store, since it's direct trade with consumer.
But don't expect too much - if you are capable dungeon explorer, you can make money more rapidly by selling stuff to merchants and going out to the next adventure.

  • V1.4.2 First release for SkyrimSE.

Introduction video from Brodual. Thanks!

Quick Instruction
  1. Create a 'Market Stall' at forge with 6 firewoods, 3 linen wrap or 3 leather, and 2 iron ingots.
  2. Drop your Market Stall at the place where you think appropriate for sale. A chair and a chest and rug will be placed automatically in front of you.
  3. Determine your merchandise. Activate the chair and select 'Set Merchandise' on dialog, or move your stuff to the chest at the left of the chair. First 8 items in order of addition are displayed on the rug.
  4. If you want to start business immediately, activate the chair and select 'Open Store'. You will sit in the chair and your store becomes open while you are sitting. Customers may come.
  5. If customers wander off to your store and find something they want, price negotiation will be initiated. By default, negotiation dialog turns up.
    • Accept
    • You sell stuff at the price that the customer presented. This price becomes your earning, and is equivalent to 90% of 'legal' price (usually you see the price at NPC's store). 10% consumption tax are deducted already.Speechcraft experience is gained by agreed price.
    • 10% off
    • You sell stuff at 90% of the price that the customer presented(Thus it should be 81% of original price if this is the first attempt). Discount improves reputation of your store. Higher reputation leads more customer to your store.Speechcraft experience is gained by the original price of the stuff.
    • Decline
    • You refuse the price offered. Customer may give up, or present slightly higher price than the previous one.Reputation of your store will be degraded if the negotiation broke up.Speechcraft experience is gained by presented price for each time the customer has chosen re-negotiation. If not, you gain speechcraft experience by 20% of the last presented price.

This selection can be automated by option.

What This MOD Won't Do
  • This mod doesn't offer store buildings, tables, and parasols. Choose the location carefully if you mind.
  • There is no ledger function. It is not possible to separate wallet and business funds. If you want to know the profit, you should remember the gold amount before you start trading.
  • There's no need of administrative procedure like making application of business permission to steward etc. You pay 10% consumption tax, and that's all.
  • Not everyone is going to be customer. It is not possible to trade with NPCs who usually become hostile to you. Also your followers do not become customer. You can trade only with guards, citizens and travelers.

  • This mod cannot calculate proper value of player-enchanted items (MOD enchanted items and vanilla enchanted items are roughly estimated).

Attracting Customers
Customer is likely to visit your stall if any of following conditions are met. The more customers will come if the more conditions are met.
  • There is pedestrian traffic around the stall. Or there is a crowd.
  • Your speechcraft level is high.
  • Speechcraft of people around the stall is high.
  • Reputation of your store is high.

Customer is likely to initiate negotiation for price if any of following conditions are met. Better possibility to the more conditions met.
  • Customer's level is high.
  • Customer wears fine clothes or expensive armors.
  • Customer have a lot of cash.
  • Trend of goods in your store and specialty (higher skills) of customer are met.
  • Your merchandise is lower-price centric.

- Chair Menu
  • Open Store - Starts business at the stall. You can finish by standing up.
  • Dismiss - Dismisses the stall and put it into your inventory. Everything in the chest is also collected.
  • Price: xxx - Shows how to determine price. Price Menu pops up when you select this item.
  • Cancel - Does nothing.

- Price Menu
  • Negotiate each
  • When customers want to buy things, negotiation prompt appears. You can decide each time to sell stuff at average/lower/higher price.
  • Average
  • You sell the stuff at ??legal price automatically (prompt does not appear). 'Legal price' is what you get from merchants in usual store.
  • 10% off
  • You sell the stuff at 90% of legal price. This improves shop reputation.
  • Higher as possible
  • You try to sell the stuff at the higher price as possible. Negotiation will break up very often, while you have chance to gain speech experience more. This tend to degrade shop reputation.

Exactly ONE of your followers can attend your market stall.
  1. Sit in your market stall by yourself.
  2. Speak to the follower and select "Can you run this stall for me?"

To stop delegation speak to the follower and select "Let me take care of your stall."
Your follower will attend the stall from 8:00AM - 8:00PM.
Note: Followers sell your item while you are away, however, no one actually have it in inventory. Your merchandise is just exchanged to money.

Relation To Speechcraft
Speechcraft slightly affects probability of customer visit.
Above speechcraft level 30, you know what each customer is looking for. Helpful for selecting merchandise.
Above speechcraft level 60, you can sense whether customer is going to visit your stall.
Speechcraft experience is calculated from the price that customer agreed or decided to continue negotiation. If customer gave up, experience is calculated from 20% of shown price.

Version History
2018.3.11 - 1.4.2: Ported to SE. Adjusted purchasing tendency to be less biased.
2013.6.14 - 1.4.1: Minor bug fix (showing "[...] turned over ..." message issue).
2013.6.7 - 1.4: Attending follower runs your stall while you are in different cells/world spaces.
2013.5.25 - 1.3: Price of vanilla and MOD enchanted items. Fixed minor issue of delegation and display.
2013.5.7 - 1.2: Fixed Zombie-like-standing customer issue and minor bugs.
2013.4.29 - 1.1: Possible CTD fix. More chance to get customers, price of tampered items, follower barking, follower can attend stall.
2013.4.26 - 1.0: Fixed several messaging bugs. Totally rebalanced.
2013.4.25 - N/A: First Edition.