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New photorealistic ground textures - 4k, 2k & 1K versions available.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the vanilla super blurry textures with crisp realistic ones.
I am working on updating Skyrim's landscape textures. I feel these are releasable and I continue to work on more.
I'll be keeping this page updated as I go.

So far I have covered 24 textures.

A big thank you to Pfuscher for giving me permission to include a few textures from his mod Skyrim 2017 Textures
I used the fall forest textures because they just fit so well. I am actually no longer using anything by Pfuscher but I will keep this here because in the beginning I did use a couple of his textures.

ENB can have a small effect on color/brightness/sharpness to the textures.
If something is too dark or bright I will do my best to fix it.

 Wow, 20k downloads! Thank you everyone