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Guards shouldn't let walking weapons of mass destruction run around freely. All prisoners are now fitted with anti-magic cuffs and gags that prevent them from casting spells or Shouts.

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  • 1.0 
Initial Release

  • 1.0b
Added alternate version with 25% resistance to magic instead of total immunity

  • 3.0
Cuffs are no longer equipped inside The Chill
New magic inscription textures for the cuffs
Gag is equipped if player is Dragonborn
Converted esp to ESP-FE


Guards were getting tired of mages burning their faces off with fireballs as they escaped every single time, so every prisoner is now bound with enchanted cuffs that nullify all magic, and a mouth gag, to prevent the Dragonborn from shouting. These cuffs cannot be taken off without a set of keys, which can be found within the prisoner's belongings or with a guard.


  • When the key is added to your inventory (if escaping) the cuffs will unlock, and you will be able to use magic. You will be able to equip and unequip the cuffs as you wish.
  • These cuffs will also give 25% resistance to magical damage.
  • Cuffs and mouth gag will be removed upon serving your time.
  • Transforming into a Vampire Lord or werewolf will break the cuffs.


Install normally, using a mod manager.
Overwrite and replace everything when upgrading.


  • Compatible with pretty much everything, unless some other mod also makes the player equip a set of gloves when imprisoned.
  • Faulty mods that don't tick "Shares Event" in Story Manager nodes will make this mod not function if loaded before these mods.


Thanks to r/skyrimmods for the initial idea and features