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A recently foreclosed, 2 Bedroom, space-efficient Wizard's tower rests at the mouth of Lake Ilinalta. Are you a bad enough dude to buy this house?

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This mod is no longer supported. Please download Mirele Bismath Reborn instead.


This wizard's tower, standing watch over the White River, was once the property of a certain Folms Mirel. This Cyrodiilic Dunmer, after following through on his Master Index hypothesis in Caldera, worked to extend the Chimer's propylon technology beyond Vvardenfell's borders. The enchanter secluded himself away for years, divining prototype after prototype of a similar means of rapid transport. He viewed this as a humanitarian effort, given how poor the teleportation infrastructure in neighboring Skyrim was. However, before he could bring his prototype Index of Portals to the Arcane University, the Red Year struck. Seeing the writing on the walls, Folms packed his bags and left Skyrim, before he'd fall victim to the anti-elf and anti-mage sentiment that's now grown commonplace.

After centuries of missed bills and taxes, Jarl Siddgeir has agreed that the house is long overdue for a new owner. Having been recently foreclosed upon, the spire and all of its accommodations are now back on the market.

~Mod Description~
Mirele Bismath is a 2 bedroom Player Home geared towards mid-game and onwards. I've always personally felt Skyrim was lacking in a specific niche: comfy and cute homes geared towards magic characters that also actually looked, inside and out, like the kind of home a real honest to goodness wizard would use. I've also included a number of modern features to make the house really accommodating for most any player, such as;

  • An Autosorting system, to sort your trash loot!
  • Every cooking and crafting station, so you can have a centralized crafting hub!
  • A lore-friendly and fun fast travel alternative, geared for mages playing without fast travel(i.e. CC Survival Mode)
  • Multiple forms of displaying your items, including(but not limited to) Bookshelves, Unique item shelves, Dragon Priest busts, Mannequins, etc.
  • Full compatibility with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions, allowing you to move your family in!
  • Full compatibility with tax-collecting mods, such as Simple Taxes!
  • Fully navmeshed and cleaned, to ensure compatibility and polish when bringing family and followers inside!
  • Dramatic lighting, designed to look good even with vanilla lighting! (I haven't tried with ELFX yet so I hope it looks good with that too!)
I hope you find the home comfortable and accommodating! This spire was made for my next playthrough, so I designed it around having everything I could want out of a house.


North of the Guardian Stones, on the eastern edge of Lake Ilinalta. You'll practically run into it on the way out of Helgen!


While I did everything in my power to make the mod in a clean fashion, not every load order is appropriate for this mod. As far as I know the only real fishy issue is with Land Dreughs- Mihail Monsters and Animals (SSE) (mihail immersive add-ons- oblivion- eso). In particular, one of my testers reported that the home was very close to a respawning nest of Land Dreughs. If you choose to use both mods, I'd advise caution with entering and exiting.

Beyond that, I'm not aware of any hard conflict issues. Obviously anything editing the same cell will conflict, so be advised when using mods editing specifically that part of Falkreath Hold!


This mod could not have been possible without the fantastic work of;

Elianora - for her wonderful house mods, Halamshiral(the concept for which I liberally plagiarized), and her fantastic free resource pack!

Mr. Siika, Stroti - their mods were some of the most inspiring, mystifying works of 3d art published for Oblivion, and have some level of responsibility for compelling me to mod at all!

Mr. Siika(again!) - A special shout-out goes to the Castle Seaview tileset, of which the round tower is this home's Pièce De Résistance.

Tamira, and the Beyond Skyrim team - for porting resources by the above two!

Blary - For numerous clutter resources, to make the house feel lived in.

stoverjm - For the amazing retextures of Blary's open books.

Tueffel - For Modular Crafting Table, an invaluable resource for making cozy and unique crafting labs!

MrDanSG1 - For Modder Display Compendium, which is what made the basement trophy-room possible.

DarkFox127 - As always, his tutorials are masterclass for creating darn cool features. Without his videos, I wouldn't have chosen to have an autosort system in this(and my previous) house mod, let alone the other scripted features the home has.

TMPhoenix - For Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions, and writing an extensive guide to make homes compatible with it! Being able to have my lizard husband and annoying children move in with me really helps tie the place together.

Bethesda - For creating inspiring worlds for us all to explore in. I first played Morrowind during a rough time in my life; I had just gotten back into elementary school after a period of homelessness, living out of my Dad's car in the Southwest. We'd moved in with my great grandparents, and my family had pooled together enough money for me to get an Xbox for my birthday. I wasn't too impressed with the bundled NCAA Football game, so my Dad took me to GameCrazy/Hollywood Video to rent some cool looking video games. I saw Morrowind GOTY on that shelf, and haven't ever been the same since.