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Reduces the unsheathing sword/dagger sound to a bearable level.

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If you ever clenched your teeth or winced at the sound of your character (or a nearby NPC!) drawing their sword (headphones users know this pain), then this simple mod is for you.
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This was originally published circa 2012, I'm simply duplicating it to make it easier for people to manage with NMM ;)

I was looking for an unsheathing sound replacement, not because I dislike the vanilla sound, but because it's too damn loud! Unfortunately I didn't like any of the ones I found.
So this one is for the people who don't have any quarrel with the vanilla sound EXCEPT for the fact that it's way too damn loud :) I then simply reduced the amplitude of the sounds in Audacity.
I also reduced the dagger sound for stealthy characters who don't want to feel like the whole dungeon should hear them when they unsheathe.

MANUAL INSTALLATION: Extract in Skyrim folder.
NMM INSTALLATION: Just click download! Easy peasy.


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