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Don't just let those broken Dwemer Constructs and spare Dwemer Ingots go to waste- use them to build an army of steam-powered robots, upgrade and enchant their equipment, then lead them into battle from the driver's seat of a Dwemer Centurion.

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  • Czech
Dwemer Certified lets you build from scratch and repair from broken all the existing Dwemer Constructs, and two new ones- the humanoid Dwemer Simulacra, and the Dwemer Legionary (a small Centurion). All you need is a few perks and enough materials to forge the parts.

Once you have your robot army, you can remove their weapons and armour to enchant or smith it just like you would your own, and there's a range of special upgrade items you can build to further improve them- so you can fit them with Daedra Hearts for cores, or internal storage so they can carry your loot for example.

Then there's a selection of machine-healing-spells to help keep them in tip-top shape, and a power that lets you order all your Constructs at once- telling them to wait in place, go aggressive or what have you. There's also a spell that lets you take direct control of a Dwemer Centurion and go barrelling through your foes, knocking them aside with your bulk and spewing steam breath on them.

With all this, the only limit in the number of Constructs you can have following you is your Magicka- each one drains a small amount (for Spiders) or quite a lot (for Centurions).

If you like having an easy to control, highly upgradable and varied robot army following you then this is probably the mod for you. Enjoy!

  • Is this mod compatible with other mods that add perks to the Smithing tree?
    Yes, but only the mod that loads last will show their perks on the tree. You may need to shuffle load order occasionally.



Full contents list:
  • Dwemer EnchantingRequires Enchanter
    Allows you to scavenge Dynamo Cores from destroyed Constructs, or forge your own Spider Dynamo Cores and Dwemer Spell Tomes.
  • Advanced Dwemer Enchanting Requires Dwemer Enchanting
    Allows you to forge your own Sphere and Legionary Dynamo Cores, and more powerful Spell Tomes.
  • Tonal ArchitectRequires Advanced Dwemer Enchanting
    Allows you to forge your own Simulacra and Centurion Dynamo Cores, as well as forging special upgrade cores for all Constructs and yet more powerful Spell Tomes.
  • Construct Smithing Requires Dwemer Smithing
    Allows you to scavenge parts from destroyed Constructs, or forge your own Spider and Sphere parts and Constructs, as well as repairing destroyed Constructs.
  • Advanced Construct Smithing Requires Construct Smithing
    Allows you to forge your own Legionary and Simulacra parts, as well as forging special upgrade parts for all Constructs.
  • Numidium ScholarRequires Advanced Construct Smithing
    Allows you to forge your own Centurion parts.

Bots and Specific Upgrades
  • Tier 1 - Dwemer Spider                           Reduces maximum magicka by 30
    Has a weak shock spell and melee attack. Shock spell can be upgraded.
  • Tier 2 - Dwemer Sphere                          Reduces maximum magicka by 60
    Has a fairly weak blade and crossbow. Crossbow can be upgraded.
  • Tier 3 - Dwemer Legionary                    Reduces maximum magicka by 90
    A smaller version of the Centurion, with a good melee attack. Can be upgraded to gain steam breath.
  • Tier 3 - Dwemer Ballista                        Reduces maximum magicka by 90
    The Ballista from Dawnguard. Only available if it is installed, but the mod does not require it,
  • Tier 4 - Dwemer Simulacra                   Reduces maximum magicka by 120
    A steam-powered duplicate of a Dwemer Warrior, capable of wielding any weapons a normal character could. Can be upgraded to gain steam breath.
  • Tier 5 - Dwemer Centurion                   Reduces maximum magicka by 150
    Has a powerful melee attack and steam breath. Breath can be upgraded, and can be piloted using a spell.

Universal Bot Upgrades
  • Components, Reinforced - Adds 30 armour.
  • Components, Enchantable - Provides an extra slot you can enchant.
  • Components, Internal Storage - Adds a storage capacity.
  • Dynamo Core, Superheated - Increases damage by 20%.
  • Dynamo Core, Supercharged- Increases speed by 30%.
  • Dynamo Core, Supercooled - Adds a frost cloak during combat.
  • Dynamo Core, Beating - Adds health regen during combat.

  • Follow & Wait
  • Wait at Location orders your followers to wait where you look.
  • Go Passive and only join combat after you get attacked.
  • Go Aggressive and attack any hostiles they see.
  • Deploy in one place, basically dismissing them.
All these orders can be given via dialogue or the power Order Dwemer Constructs you'll get given- when you use the Order power, all your Following and Waiting constructs will obey.

Craftable Spell Tomes
  • Recall Constructs - Teleports all Following and Waiting constructs to you.
  • Maintenance - Healing Hands, but works on Constructs only.
  • Mending - Heal Other, as above.
  • Grand Mending - Grand Healing, as above.
  • Harden Minion - Stoneskin castable on Constructs.
  • Temper Minion - Ebonyskin castable on Constructs.
  • Overpressure - Increases attack & move speed by 25%.
  • Mantle Chimarvamidium - Lets you pilot a Centurion for a time. You can barge people aside by running at them, breathe steam on them and smash them.