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This mod adds a Trader to the Heljarchen Hall after obtaining the building from the Jarl of Dawnstar.

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This mod adds a Trader to the Heljarchen Hall after obtaining the building from the Jarl of Dawnstar.

It always bugged me that I have to travel to other towns when I want to buy or sell stuff which is wasting a lot of time. This mod changes this now. Finally you can live there without travelling all the time!


  • Adds a trader to the Heljarchen Hall.
  • The trader will spawn there after you obtained the house. He won't be there before you do so!
  • The trader actually lives on that property. He will wander around, work, sleep and always have nice items for you to buy and, of course, sell.
  • His amount of Gold is higher than normal traders: He owns 3000 Gold. (In my opinion the perfect amount).
  • He buys and sells all items that can be sold to a merchant. (Like Belethor in Whiterun) 
  • He is willing to trade from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Uses the LeveledList, so it should consider every mod that adds its items to the LeveledList.
  • Protected character: He won't die when getting attack by foes. But you (the player) can kill him! But be aware: He is a unique character. He won't respawn if you choose so!

I really hope that you enjoy this nice and handy addition to the game. :)

Compatible: Should be compatible with every mod out there. Only mods that edit the Heljarchen Hall exterior (Like expanding the building area) are not compatible.
The best way is to check it in xEdit

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Credit: My dear friend Pickysaurus from the Legacy of Dragonborn team who helped me out. Thank you again :)
(Btw, an awesome mod! Check it out)

Permissions: You are not allowed to reupload, share or sell this mod! You are not allowed to claim this mod as your own work anywhere on the Internet. If you want to have permissions for something, you have to ask me directly.