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Ported from my Oldrim Mod for Special Edition!
Some of the irritating or unnecessary sounds of Skyrim altered or removed!
Try it! You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!!

Permissions and credits
Are you tired of the really annoying, immersion breaking sound that plays when you hit an enemy with a sneak attack? If so then this mod is for you!
Now when an enemy goes down while you are sneaking, he goes down without the silly sound effect!

Some of the irritating or unnecessary sounds of Skyrim altered or removed!

If you have a particular sound that you would like altering let me know!

Sounds altered by this Mod to date:

Sneak Attack
Menu Confirmation
Night Eye
Conjuration Effect
Aura Whisper Shout

Recorded new unique sound for Aura Whisper Shout
Edited Night Eye and Conjure Bound Weapon (Normalised 50% to reduce harsh volume)
Altered sounds in Smithing, Alchemy and Enchanting

Added a new restoration draw sound in optional files

To hear samples of the sounds see sticky in posts!

For easy installation just use the Nexus Mod Manager.
To install manually copy the downloaded .esp and sound folder into your Skyrim\Data folder

I hope you find this mod useful? I made it for my own personal use as the unrealistic sound effects annoyed me so much! 

Additional sound effects courtesy of:
Royalty Free Music