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Small, fishing themed home on the Sea of Ghosts coastline.

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Cladach Cottage is a small home in Haafinger Hold, just north of Solitude and due west of Broken Oar Grotto. One of my favorite homes in Oblivion was Clamshell Cottage  by Korana. Cladach is my somewhat feeble attempt to recreate that home in Skyrim. Of course, I don't use anything from that mod but you will notice that this house is very heavily influenced by it. I have tried to piece together many of the same elements she used and capture the same feel of Clamshell. For anyone wondering, I did reach out to Korana to ask if she would be okay with this and she gave me her blessing. :)

Cladach is suitable for the player and one follower. There's a cooking pot, oven, plenty of storage, and all of the crafting stations. Outside there's a small stable and a fishery, much like the ones in Hearthfire. This is my first time making one of those and I hope to god it works. It seems to for me but you never know about these things. The map marker is visible and can be traveled to immediately. The door is locked. You can choose to pick it or go on a short walk for the key. There is a journal outside on the porch that will point you the way. The previous owner of the home has met with a somewhat sad end. There is also a horse that you can use, if you wish. Her name is Drella and she is not at the house. You can go get her or you can ignore her completely if you don't have need of her. If you want to find her, simply check your mailbox, which is out by the road just south of your new home.

Not much else to tell. Install in the usual way with your favorite mod manager or unpack the rar into your Skyrim SE data folder.

All DLC are required but this is SE, that shouldn't be much of an issue for anyone.

This mod would not be nearly as great without the following hardworking modders whose resources will used.

blary - Various static resources.
breti - The curtains
crazylion - The beautiful chests and barrels.
DarkRider - Paintings
Insanity Sorrow - Paintings, Pillows, Potion bottles, and various other goodies.
Jokerine - The lovely ship in a bottle and other statics.
Lilith - Some of the flower baskets and stacked crates and bags.
Lolikyonyu - Many wonderful static mashups
markus liberty - Maker of the marvelous Cyrodiil Farmhouse set and rowboat.
Oaristys - Lots of static mashups
Phitt - Various static pieces
Stroti - Workbenches, the mailbox, the cupboards and wall shelf, other various items.
Tueffelachtein - The staff workbench
tamira - Textures and porting of Phitt and Stroti's resources.
Langley02 - Textures
The_Funktasm - Textures
CDProjecktRed - for various meshes and texture from The Witcher 2 and 3.

If I've forgotten anyone or anything, PLEASE let me know.