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Adds a simple MCM that allows you to convert Dragon Souls to Perks or Attributes.

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== Description ==

This mod features an MCM that allows you to spend Dragon Souls on Perk points or Attributes. It features full customization of not only how many perk points that you can obtain per soul but also how many souls are required in the first place to obtain the perk points. It can also be used to alter your base attributes of Health, Magicka, Stamina or Carry Weight with the same level of customization that perks have.

== Installation ==

Either use your favorite Mod Manager or extract the archive so that ae_SoulExchange.esp exists in your data folder.

Shouldn't be any issue with mid-game installation. It's only an MCM menu no constantly running scripts in background.

The script is a loose file. Let me know if wanting a BSA version I guess.

== Sliders Configuration ==

If the default slider max values aren't enough you can set a new max by using the console.

Replace X with the amount between 1 and infinite.

Global: Souls per Exchange maximum
Command: set ae_dragonPerkExchangeSliderMax to X
Default value: 20

Global: Perks per Exchange maximum
Command: set ae_dragonPerkPerksSliderMax to X

Global: Points per Exchange maximum (Attributes)
Command: set ae_dragonPerkAttribSliderMax to X
Default: 400

== Planned Features ==

  • Combination of Attributes/Perks per exchange.
  • Translation variables instead of hardcoded English text.

== Changelog ==

V1.0 - Initial Upload
V1.1 - Added globals for slider max values. Fixed bad wording.
V1.2 - Potential fix for carryweight parameter not saving on death/reload.

== Links ==

Sources available both in the archive and at