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Patron Gods of Skyrim is a mod that adds Blackfall Temple to the world of Skyrim, where players can visit the shrine within to choose one god as their Patron God. Each god grants a unique effect that will let the player further customize their character. With 29 gods from Elder Scrolls lore to choose from, plus 3 abilities not associated with any g

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Patron Gods of Skyrim is a mod that allows the player to choose a patron deity from Elder Scrolls lore to have as their patron god. There are 29 Elder Scrolls deities to choose from, and depending on your choice, you gain a unique ability to further customize your character. You can only have one patron god at a time. Some of the more powerful abilities also come with drawbacks, and the choice of which to take is entirely up to you. In addtion to the 29 Patron God abilities, there are also three abilities for characters who don't wish to worship any god of Tamriel. Patron gods/patron deities are a common RPG trope, and this mod originated when a friend of mine suggested it almost a year ago, but I never got around to making it until now.

Thanks to Mod.Hatter for taking the time to make an in-depth video showing all the shrines and their effects!

[SIZE=7]What does this mod do?[/SIZE]

This mod adds Blackfall Temple to the world of Skyrim, located just behind the Guardian Stones, where the hunter camps. Inside you will find a shrine to each of the Nine Divines, the seventeen Daedric Princes, as well as Auriel, Sithis, and Alduin (Alduin shrine added by request of /r/skyrimmods!). Activating any of the shrines will display a description of the deity and the ability you will be granted for selecting them, much like standing stones.

There is also a Shrine of Reflection near the door to the inner temple. The Shrine of Reflection allows players who don't want to worship any god to select one of three passive bonuses. The Shrine of Reflection also allows players to remove all of the abilities added by this mod by selecting "I don't believe in anything."

[SIZE=7]Abilities added by this pack:[/SIZE]

- Hircine: Predators of Skyrim (bears, wolves, sabre cats) become your allies and will not attack you on sight.
- Vaermina: A powerful boost to Stamina, but you can no longer sleep restfully to gain experience bonuses from sleeping.
- Sheogorath: A random effect that changes every 12 hours.
- Mehrunes Dagon: Deal 20% extra damage, but take 20% extra in return.
- Sanguine: All alcohol restores 25 points each of Health, Magicka, and Stamina. You become immune to the negative effects of alcohol.
- Talos: Shouts are 15% more powerful.
- Stendarr: 15% damage bonus against daedra and other abominations (vampires and werewolves).
- Sithis: Fortify Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 25 points each during the night.
- Alduin (by request of /r/Skyrimmods!): Deal 15% extra damage to all enemies except dragons. Deal half damage to dragons.

Those are just some of the 32 abilities added by Patron Gods of Skyrim. For a full description of all spells, check out the readme tab here on the Nexus, or the readme.txt included with your download.

[SIZE=7]Requiem Support[/SIZE]

Burndtdan created a Requiem patch for Patron Gods of Skyrim that adds additional functionality if you use Patron Gods of Skyrim alongside Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul. Here's a breakdown of the features added by the latest Requiem patch straight form Burndtdan himself:

- Ignores crime stats (you can still use patron god's shrine if you are a criminal).

- Applies a healing effect, the same as a healing poultice (in fact, the two effects overwrite each other so you can only have one at a time).

- Talos, Stendarr, Kynareth: certain decisions you make in the game will make them angry, but if they are your patron god and take the perk Painful Regrets they will once again give you their blessing (you don't need the perk to get the healing or the cure disease).

- Stendarr still won't deal at all with werewolves or vampires, whether he is their patron god or not.

- Auriel's shrine won't heal vampires, whether he is their patron god or not.

100% credit to Burndtdan for the Requiem compatibility. His patch that expands Patron Gods of Skyrim to interact with Requiem features was a great surprise and I'm happy to upload it alongside the main file. Enjoy!

[SIZE=7]Daedric and Divine Cloaks[/SIZE]

LogisticsOfBreath has created a wonderful set of mods by the name of Daedric Cloaks and Divine Cloaks, which add Daedra-themed and Divine-themed cloaks to the world of Skyrim. Now you can sport custom cloaks bearing the symbol of your preferred Elder Scrolls deity. The symbols look great, and are based on in-game designs associated with a given deity, or in-universe lore.

She created optional versions of Daedric Cloaks and Divine Cloaks that tie into Patron Gods by adding the cloaks to Blackfall Temple at their respective shrines.

Daedric Cloaks

Divine Cloaks

They're really wonderful mods, and I would encourage all of you to check them out.


Where do I go to choose my patron god?

Blackfall Temple, a small, unpopulated cave/temple that is located just behind the Guardian Stones, where the hunter camps. See the map earlier in the description.

Can I change my patron god?

Yes. At this time Patron God abilities function along the lines of standing stones. You may visit Blackfall Temple at any time to change your Patron God ability. To change it, simply select a new one.

What's the balance like?

Most of the abilities added by this mod are slightly weaker than Standing Stones. For example, choosing Hermaeus Mora as your patron god will increase experience gain by 10%, compared to The Lover's 15%. Some of the more powerful bonuses also come with a drawback for balance.

How do I get rid of Patron God abilities for good?

Near the door to the inner temple, you will find a shrine that is separated from the others, called the Shrine of Reflection. To remove all abilities added by this mod, select "I don't believe in anything."


- Contact me before using anything from this mod. I will probably say yes.

- If you contact me and I do not respond within 30 days, you have full permission to use this mod, in whole or in part, in any of your work. This includes compilations, conversions, and any derivative works.

- No parts of this mod can be monetized under any circumstances. If you are caught monetizing this work, your permission to use any content from any of my mods is permanently revoked.

- Credit me if you use something from this mod.

- If you use something from this mod, your permissions should be open so other people can use it the same way you did.


I recommend installing with Nexus Mod Manager. Otherwise, add the PatronGodsOfSkyrim.esp file to your Skyrim/data folder. Also be sure to add the contents of the scripts folder into your Skyrim/Data/scripts folder. All scripts are marked with the tag MODPGS for easy uninstallation. Otherwise, let NMM handle it.


This mod should be compatible with mostly everything. A few things may require you to have PatronGodsOfSkyrim.esp lower in your load order than other mods that edit the same things.

There are a handful of very specific vanilla edits made by this mod, so it's compatible with other mods that don't touch thee same things. For a full list of the specific vanilla assets this mod edits, check out the readme tab here on the Nexus or the readme.txt included with your download.

Big shoutout to Burndtdan for creating a Requiem patch and allowing me to upload it alongside the main file. Thanks!

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