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A craftable, upgradeable, LIGHT armor as well as a Dark Brotherhood variant that has replaced all the vanilla Dark Brotherhood armors.

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  • Polish
SSE Conversion of Masters of Death - Armor mod.  REPLACER VERSION. (Includes Replacer + Standalone armor)
I converted this mod for my own personal playthrough. But I see the author has PERMISSIONS FOR GAME CONVERSION; so I have uploaded to share. 
-- Converted using Nif Optimizer, saved in CK 64bit, confirmed form 44 in SSEdit, and have played with the mod for 10 hours without issues.
The mod does not allow permissions to edit, so this mod is offered AS IS.

This is a LIGHT armor replacer with stats identical to the DBarmor.

Original Oldrim Mod:

Quote from original author (fume0101). Also see original mod "Permissions Tab" for further evidence of permissions.  I will also give Fume0101 full access to edit/curate this mod listing. Translations still allowed
24 September 2017, 12:15AM
Hey. Consider this my official permission to do so. As I mentioned in the description page, I no longer have access to the source files, and as a result have abandoned the planned additional features. That said, I worked hard on the mod before that happened and would love for as many people to enjoy it as is possible. Feel free to port it over. All I've ever asked is that I get credited for the original work. I hope that porting it pleases a few more people. 

Install: as usual. 
- If you have a skimpy Female DB armor mod that you do not want replaced, select "No" when NMM prompts you to override. Mod will still replace armors for males.
- Textures listed as a separate download are OPTIONAL. See images for preview.

- Some DB members walk around in barefeet. That's how the original game was created. Adding boots to the NPCs would be considered "editing" which I am not allowed to do with the current permissions.

Original Mod Description
--I have ONLY converted the REPLACER VERSION (includes replacer and standalone armor).  Any mention of STANDALONE - ONLY below does NOT apply.



For your gaming pleasure, I introduce a new light armor I have created: The Sicarius Armor is a stand-alone armor that is completely craftable through the Ebony AND Advanced Armor crafting trees. This was to allow for enjoyment no matter which crafting route you take. I am pleased to finally be able to release this armor that I have been working on for the past few weeks for you guys. It is available as an optional stand-alone .esp.

In addition, this now replaces the Dark Brotherhood's Shrouded Armor with a variant of the Sicarius Armor. Now the brotherhood truly lives up to the prestige of a league of assassins.
More Updates to come!

As is evident to many, I am sure, I drew inspiration from Assassin's Creed: Revelations for the armor. However, I hand-painted every inch from scratch without the use of a tablet setup. (For those of you who texture, you know how tedious this can become). I appreciate any feedback from you guys and If you like the armor, please be sure to endorse and vote for me, as it helps to motivate me to support the mod and create future ones. It wouldn't hurt my chances in the contest either. ;)

For those interested in some of the nifty organizational features of Steam Workshop, I will be uploading the mod there as well. I am uploading first to Nexus, as I fully support everything this site has accomplished over the years.


2.1 - Added Optional Black and White variants of the Sicarius Armor.
- Updated and refined textures for the default Sicarius Armor.
- After consideration, I have lightened the brown Leather on most armors by approximately 40%. This was to account for the bad lighting inmost in-game situations.
- Altered the wasteband to have a more even color balance, be less saturated, and appear more cloth-like.
- Updated Leather Cowl textures to match those of the +40% leather brightness tweak.
- More optionals on the way. The main files should be stable now, and you will not have to download new ones for a while. (Provided there are no bugs I missed). The Optionals will be offered separately.

2.01 - Resolved an issue that caused the Stand-alone version of the armor to replace the Dark Brotherhood armors despite the opposite intention.

2.0 - Added Dark Brotherhood variant as a replacer for all vanilla DB armors. The DB Robes were left in tact
- Added optional leather hood variant for the Sicarius Armor.
- Tweaked the original Sicarius Armor hood texture to fall more in line with the fabric on the cuirass.
- Resolved the issue with the female hands appearing with the male hand meshes. The bracers however are still slightly larger than they should be. I may or may not get around to fully resolving this.
- Minor tweaks, fixes, and optimization of the .esp files.

1.0 - Initial Release