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Now when you hit a woodpile or chopping block with an axe you get firewood!

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Axes Chop Wood!
By TheBearMan
(an implementation of ColossusX13's idea on Reddit)

Now you can stroll up to any woodpile or wood chopping block and hit it with an axe to get firewood which is silently added to your inventory.

3 Versions included in download
Axes Only
* Regular Attacks with any axe give 1 firewood

* Power Attacks with any axe give 2 firewood

Axes + Daggers
* Power Attacks with a dagger give 1 firewood (this is called batoning, lol)

Axes + Any sharp weapons
* Power Attacks with any sharp weapon yield 1 firewood (added by request)

Because attacking the woodpile is multiple times faster than activating it I have reduced the yield. It is still possible to rack up a considerable amount of firewood with a some effort.

Modder's Notes:
This was way harder than it should have been because the onHit event doesn't properly pass the boolean powerattack, so there is not a simple way to check whether the player is powerattacking the woodpile.